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The Tampa Bay Rays Should No Longer Be Allowed To Exist

Every season, the Tampa Bay Rays find a hidden gem that steps up for them and has a career year only for the Rays to cut them the following summer because they are poor and can’t afford to field a good baseball team.

In 2017, Logan Morrison hit 38 homers and had a 3.2 WAR. Then he hit free agency and instead of collecting a big payday for his success, the Rays let him walk and Morrison could only get a 1-year $6.5 million deal from Minnesota.

So the Rays replaced him with CJ Cron who filled in perfectly with 38 home runs of his own. Andddd then they designated him for assignment and for the second year in a row, a player that deserves to get paid has been completely devalued by the Rays and will probably end up getting some garbage deal from the Twins again.

The Rays still somehow made it to the finals weeks on the season still in playoff contention. Imagine if they didn’t sell off parts like Evan Longoria, Chris Archer and Logan Morrison? Perhaps they would’ve been the ones to play ‘New York, New York’ and piss off the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS.

But they’re not the only clubs being cheap as hell. Derek Jeter bought the Marlins and immediately shipped every player out of town for pennies and tickets to The Book of Mormon.

When does Major League Baseball step in?

New rule: you cannot own a baseball team if you don’t spend money to make your baseball team better. Yes, the sport is losing popularity but if you want attention on your team, win games. Sure, Cincinnati might be having attendance problems but it’s not because Reds fans suddenly hate baseball. It’s because they hate watching their team lose.

Blake Snell just won the Cy Young award. If the Rays trade him this summer then I need MLB to take the team away from them and burn Tampa Bay to the ground.




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