The Tale of Natasha Bedingfield and The Secret Dump Truck Ass

Once upon a time, there was a little song called “Unwritten” that was never not on the radio. Literally could not leave your home without hearing this song. Natasha Bedingfield made an absolute HIT in 2004.

Truly had no idea what she looked like. Assumed she was a generic pop blonde created in a lap to sing about sunshine or whatever but this week we all learned something new about the British singer-songwriter.

Oh ok.

Now, I don’t think Natasha Bedingfield is struggling to eat. I’m not sure how much money these artists make off radio plays but I imagine she could purchase a castle if that idea crossed her mind. So needless to say, she never needed us to see her or her body in order to move units.

It took a song remix and an app where people dance for no reason to trick Natasha into revealing the enormous wagon she’s been cursed with dragging around the United Kingdom.

And now what do we do with this information? How do we live our lives now knowing that Natasha Bedingfield has an absolute dump truck ass? What’s next for society?

I suppose we just go back to work in the AM. We help our neighbors. Donate to mutual aid funds. Call your parents. Take your significant other for a lovely night out. Finish the deck you were building.

The only thing we can do now is be the best people we can be. Thank you, Natasha.


Written by TheLesterLee

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