The Rock’s Black Adam Will Debut in Suicide Squad 2

The SHAZAM Trailer Shows The First DC Movie That FINALLY Looks Fun

Wow, did you guys see that?

Is that a DC movie that isn’t gray with everything on fire and the superhero wearing muted colors and frowning? There are foster kids and physically disabled kids and bullies and poverty and yet it’s the first DC movie that seems to also takes place on sunny days.

This is shocking.

SHAZAM is the story of young Billy Batson gaining Superman-esque powers from a wizard. Standard stuff. Happened to me last week.

He is one of the most unique comic book superheroes as he is a kid transformed into a man and basically pretending to be an adult which I imagine is what Zachary Levi is doing anyway so that casting decision was perfect.

I should probably mention that this movie doesn’t look great but it looks completely different from anything that DC has put together thus far and that alone is worth the price of admission. There’s something very ‘Disney Channel original movie’ about a kid with a tough home life becoming a superhero but the alternative is watching Harley Quinn defeat an all-powerful witch with a wooden baseball bat.

I hate Suicide Squad so much.

Also super disappointing to see that The Rock, who is signed up to play Black Adam, Shazam’s arch nemesis, doesn’t appear to be the villain in this movie but perhaps that means that for once, DC actually has a plan for movies going forward.

The most exciting aspect of the SHAZAM movie is wondering how he will be used in the next Justice League film. Everyone in that movie was super serious and lame. Billy Batson is going to walk in with a bright red costume and a smile on his face.

Batman might retire.

I will see you all April 2019 at the SHAZAM opening weekend when we walk in with high hopes and then walk out remembering that it’s a DC movie and a third act is going to be a fight scene that’s covered in smoke and ash and you won’t be able to discern what is even going on.

Can’t wait.


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