The Seattle Storm Should Probably Do Something About Natasha Howard Beating The Shit Out of Her Wife

Natasha Howard denied allegations that she abused her wife in a statement provided by her lawyer Tuesday night.

“The allegations that have been made against me are very serious. I deny them,” the statement said.

The Seattle Storm All-Star was accused by her wife of physically threatening and abusing her on Saturday on social media. No charges against Howard have been filed. (ESPN)

Natasha Howard’s wife went on Twitter earlier this week to detail the physical and emotional abuse she suffered as Natasha is clearly going through something and taking it out on her.

The WNBA and Seattle Storm have almost pretended as if they didn’t see any of it.

It’s also worth noting that she provided one side of the story and most people who find themselves in this situation tend to leave out their own personal actions and behaviors that led to the action.

The WNBA’s slow ‘investigation’ is interesting considering earlier this week they just suspended Los Angeles Sparks guard. Riquna Williams, 10 games after she was arrested for beating up her girlfriend and then pulling out a gun on a guy who tried to break it up.

10 games.

WNBA doesn’t seem to have any sort of real suspension policy. In 2015 Britney Griner was suspended 7 games for beating up her girlfriend. This is NFL-esque inconsistency and lack of fundamental rules to handle player discipline. If Ray Rice played in the WNBA he would’ve knocked his wife out, dragged her by her hair on a Monday night and played against the Las Vegas Aces on a Tuesday afternoon like it was no big deal.

Professional sports leagues need written consistent policies for player conduct. With the WNBA so closely under the NBA’s wing, it’s odd that they are so unprepared for these events.

Let’s see how this ‘investigation’ goes. In the meantime, enjoy watching Natasha Howard play as if we didn’t read a string of texts she sent her wife that made all of us uncomfortable as hell.

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