The Sasha Vujacic Era is Over in New York. Time to Reflect

With Aaron Afflalo back from injury and being inserted into the starting lineup, it appears as though the Sasha Vujacic era is over. Last night Afflalo scored 12 points and pulled in 6 rebounds while Sasha Vujacic did not play. Let’s take this moment to take a step a back and reflect on the wonderful Sasha Vujacic. One of the best shooting guards in Knicks history.
sasha vujacic

Do you understand how hard it is to get a ball stick in the rim.


sasha brick

Sasha was always able to find an open jump shot. So elusive. So wily.


sasha eat

Sasha Vujacic eat, sleeps and breathes basketball. Literally.


sasha vujacic brick


Shooters keep shooting.


I could literally go all day with this but I think you get the point. Sasha Vujacic is a New York Knick legend and I assume his number will be retired  by the time I finish writing this. Goodspeed Sasha.


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