The San Diego Chargers Are Going To Murder Josh Allen

In Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens, Nathan Peterman went out there and threw for 24 yards, two interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 0.0. He is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL but we already knew he was the worst after the San Diego Chargers destroyed him in his start last season against that team where he threw 5 interceptions in just the first half of the game.

So now Josh Allen has to step in and save Peterman from the Chargers but there’s a huge problem. We all know Peterman was trash but he still had to start Week 1 sooo what does that say about Josh Allen?

After a full training camp, Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, couldn’t say with confidence that Josh Allen is better than Peterman. That means somehow not only do the Buffalo Bills have Nathan Peterman on their roster but they also have a quarterback that’s EVEN WORSE than Peterman as his backup.

Josh Allen almost went No. 1 in the draft before the Browns and the Jets picked other, better, QBs. In college, Allen was second-team All-Mountain West playing at Wyoming. SECOND TEAM. He wasn’t even the best quarterback in like, the worst conference in Division I college football and now he’s starting an NFL game.

Josh Allen sucks, man.

It’s not even funny anymore. I’m legitimately afraid of what’s going to happen to him on Sunday. I mean, I’m going to be laughing the entire team. I’ll be the first person to tweet out the gif of Joey Bosa ripping Allen’s helmet off of his neck after he powerbombs him in the backfield but I’ll feel bad afterward, maybe.

I already know what’s going to happen. The San Diego Chargers are going to hurt Allen and Nathan Peterman will have to come out there and throw all-you-can-eat interceptions. This is going to be must-see TV.

Can’t wait.




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