The Rock’s Black Adam Will Debut in Suicide Squad 2

The Wrap is reporting the current plan for Suicide Squad 2 will feature Johnson making his debut as Black Adam. No, the villain won’t be part of the new Task Force X lineup, but instead what they are after if the current plan remains. The reported plot will see the Suicide Squad on a mission to find a weapon of mass destruction, which turns out to be Black Adam.

(Screen Rant)

Well, shit. Every time I’m out on DC and Warner Bros, they puuuuuullll me back in. There is nothing on planet Earth that I wanted to see less than Suicide Squad 2 but now that it appears as though The Rock is going to be the villain, my interested has been piqued.

Suicide Squad is the worst movie I have ever watched. I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares of Harley Quinn defeating the all-powerful magic Enchantress with a wooden baseball bat. WHY would they hire a guy who throws boomerangs to stop a woman who can warp reality? Make movies that make sense, please.

But now that you throw The Rock and Black Adam into the mix, I can’t not see this movie. Give me The Rock and Will Smith on screen together by dinner time tonight. I need it. If anyone is going to make Will Smith charming and cool and fun again, it’s The Rock.

I was pretty hyped a few months ago when DC mentioned that Black Adam might be the villain in Man of Steel 2 and I still want to see that. Henry Cavill vs. The Rock just wrestlin’ each other as everything is gray and on fire in the background.

But now I’m thinking that DC should put Black Adam in ALL of their movies. I know Justice League is coming out fairly soon but fuck it. Reshoot the whole thing and make the villain Black Adam. That’s how you sell tickets and move merch, babyyyy.


The Rock 4 President.




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