The Rock’s Black Adam Might Be The Villain in Man of Steel 2

The news comes thanks to a new Reddit user claiming to have inside information from the DC creative team. The post claims that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will be the main villain in Man of Steel 2, after DC played with the idea of having him make a brief appearance in the sequel originally. But the post says that DC felt Johnson deserved a bigger role than just a cameo appearance and that the Shazam! movie that was announced originally is “practically off the table at this point,” though fans can expect to see Billy Batson in a film sometime down the line. The user also suggests that Vaughn is still talking to Warners about directing Man of Steel 2, but the studio is looking at other filmmakers as well, possibly to try and pressure Vaughn into making a decision.

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If you’ve been following all of the DC news I’ve written about recently then you know that I am getting extremely frustrated over the fact that my favorite superhero, Superman, is being shelved and Man of Steel 2 seems like it’s decades away from production.

Henry Cavill vs. The Rock needs to happen by lunchtime.

In the comics, Black Adam is the ruler of a fictional country in the Middle East. He’s pretty much their protector against foreign influence. You can easily make Black Adam the king of whatever country Superman flies into to save Lois Lane in Batman V. Superman where he murdered pretty much everyone with no consequence.

Bam. Movie plot established. Someone please film this now. Thnx.



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