The Refs Didn’t Blow the NFC Championship Game For The Saints, Sean Payton Did

Everyone and their mothers are crying about the New Orleans Saints being screwed over by the refs because they missed a blatant pass interference call that ended their drive and made them kick the go-ahead field goal with plenty of time left for Jared Goff and the Rams to march down the field and hit the game-tying field goal immediately after.

Okay yea look, I get it. You uh for sure can’t tackle players before the ball even arrives. Clearly Nickell Robey-Coleman went full NFL Blitz on Tommylee Lewis and chokeslammed him before he had an opportunity to catch the football.

The refs blew that call. It happens.

But can we talk about Sean Payton’s awful playcalling on that final posession?

Drew Brees just undressed Rams safety, LaMarcus Joyner and completed a deep pass that brought the Saints up to the 13-yard line just inside the two-minute warning ready to run the clock down to hit the game-winning kick.

Anddd then the Saints came out on first down and attempted to throw a quick pass to Michael Thomas that hit the turf. Sean, my guy, the fuck are you doing?

There were less than two minutes left and the Rams had two timeouts. You RUN THE BALL and make the Rams use both of their timeouts.

New Orleans would then run it on second down which forced the Rams to take one of their timeouts. Finally, Coach Payton realizes that passing the ball might make the clock run but rushing the ball will 1000% make the clock run.


Two incomplete passes might as well have been extra timeouts for Los Angeles. The Saints were on the 13-yard line. They were in perfect field goal range. Shit, take a knee three times in a row as long as it means you’re burning as much time as possible.

Yes, the referees definitely blew that call. It was obvious that there was pass inerference on the play. But why would you call plays that would even allow the refs to take control?

Less than two minutes to go, in the red zone with a chance to hit the game-winning kick. You run the ball and you have complete control over the outcome of the game. The second you start calling pass plays, you’re risking dropped passes, interceptions and referees that stink.

The referees didn’t cost the New Orleans Saints a Super Bowl. Sean Payton did.

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