The Pittsburgh Steelers Should Keep Antonio Brown and Trade The Player Who is Actually The Problem

Earlier this week, Antonio Brown casually dropped a video on Twitter thanking all of the Pittsburgh fans for supporting him during his time with the team which was weird considering he is still very much a member of the team.

Moments later, it was reported that he officially requested a trade out of town which we all saw coming when he was benched in the final game of the season after getting into an argument in practice on a Tuesday and then no-call no-showing the rest of the week’s practices.

But moving on from Brown isn’t as simple as just moving him wherever you want because he has a $22 million cap hold in 2019 and a $2.5 roster bonus that kicks in on March 17th which means they need to move him in the next 4 weeks or else he’s an even more expensive black hole.

If you’re going to destroy your cap for one season just to get rid of a toxic player then perhaps you’re looking at the wrong player. Antonio Brown is one of best wide receivers in the NFL. He just led the league in receiving touchdowns and was in the Top 10 in reception and has no signs of declintion.

Maybe it’s time to look at Big Ben Roethlisberger, the other man involved in that incident that led to Antonio Brown’s Week 17 bencing and the man who is constantly involved in every single incident with this team.

Earlier this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were down 17-24 against the Denver Broncos with about a minute left to go in the game. It was 3rd and goal with the ball on the 2-yard line and Ben Roethlisberger dropped back and threw the ball directly into the arms of a defensive lineman.

He then immediately threw Antonio Brown under the bus and claimed that Brown ran the wrong route. Again. Roethlisberger threw it into a defensive lineman’s chest. What route was Brown even supposed to be running in that situation?

Oh, and this doesn’t need to be said because it’s common knowledge but at the same time, it should ALWAYS be said. We should never stop saying this: Ben Roethlisberger is a rapist.

He’s a sexual predator with multiple sexual assault lawsuits against him and although Antonio Brown is in no way a perfect man, it’s safe to say that he has raped significantly fewer women.

But the NFL doesn’t care about women so that’s not a good enough reason for a front office so let’s remember that Antonio Brown is a Top 5 receiver in the NFL and Ben Roethlisberger is about to turn 37 years old, he’s constantly getting injured every season oh, and he just led all quarterbacks with 23 turnovers last season.

Big Ben is at the end of his career and the Steelers would rather ride that asshole into the dirt then put up with Antonio Brown leading the league in touchdowns while sometimes showing up to practice in a helicopter. And one last reminder that Ben Roethlisberger rapes women. I can’t stress that enough.

Trade Ben. Keep Antonio. Go back in time and give Le’Veon Bell the money he deserves. Problem solved.




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