The Philadelphia Eagles Somehow Found a Way To Be An Even Shittier Franchise

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles stole the New York Giants playoff chances. Week 17, New York had to beat the Dallas Cowboys—which they did—and the Eagles had to beat the Washington Football team.

And then former Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, decided he was going to intentionally lose simply out of spite. In the 4th quarter of a game that they easily could’ve won, Pederson benched Jalen Hurts for the THIRD STRING QB, Nate Sudfield.

Sudfield threw a pick and then fumbled the ball. That was his contribution to the game. Cool. HAD to play. Couldn’t not. Chess not checkers.

The most frustrating aspect of this bullshit was every NFL media member riding with Pederson and calling him smart for tanking because the Eagles jumped from the 9th pick to the 6th pick with the loss to Washington.

Fast forward 3 months later…


Doug Pederson was a genius for moving up to the 6th pick. Except the Eagles now have the 12th pick behind the Giants.

It’s almost as if Pederson knew it was his final day as the Eagles head coachbecause the team only won 4 games and he ruined Carson Wentz’s career—and was pretty much just trying to fuck the New York Giants and keep them out of the playoffs.

I know it’s easy for a fan base to convince themself that the world is against them but what the Eagles did last season was transparently an attack on the Giants and trading out of the 6th pick just shows that more clearly.

I do not want to hear about the future first round pick they got back in the deal. The Dolphins are going to be a better team than the Eagles for the foreseeable future so who even cares. They’ll probably waste the pick by selecting someone like Jalen Reagor when Justin Jefferson is still on the board.

The only reason I am not burning their facility to the ground is the one move they made last week.

The most bored indifferent player in the NFL history is in the building. You know for a fact that man is smoking a cigarette in a dirty Philly bar right now next to assholes shouting in Nick Foles jerseys. Protect Joe Flacco at all costs.

Written by Deadseriousness

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