The Other Avengers…

The Other Avengers…





Ant Man

Super Powers: The ability to shrink.

How He Could Help The Avengers: Shrinking to get out of the way so the rest of the Avengers can save the world.



Super Powers: She can also shrink…except she has wings.

How She Could Have Helped the Avengers: Be the first one to die which eventually motivates the real heros to fight harder.



Super Powers: He can speak to birds.

How He Could Help The Avengers: Send all of Manhattan’s pigeons to shit on Loki, or whatever.

mister fantastic

Mister Fantastic

 Super Powers: The ability to stretch.

How He Could’ve Helped the Avengers:  Wrap his body around Loki’s legs so he can’t escape.



Super Powers: Being blind?..

How He Could’ve Helped the Avengers: Not at all. Having a blind man on the team would’ve been a severe burden.

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