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The One Outfielder Named Mike That Truly Deserves The AL MVP Award

Mike Tauchman is lowkey the best player in baseball. No big deal. He just has the best batting average in the entire league since May 5th. (We’ll ignore that he spent a decent chunk of time in the minor leagues.)

Tauchman is slashing .275/.365/.505 with 6 bombs and 25 RBIs. His 127 wRC+ is higher than Mookie Betts and JD Martinez. [annoying uncreative twitter troll voice] you hate to see it.

He’s hitting .448 (13-for-29) against left-handed pitchers. He’s played in 10 games this month. He has 14 hits, 5 extra-base hits and 2 homers. The MVP campaign has begun.

Before we talk globally, let’s look internally at the Yankees and make one thing extremely clear: Mike Tauchman is better than Brett Gardner.

The plan from day one seemed to be that Gardner was a backup but due to Giancarlo Stanton hurting himself every time he leaves the team bus, Gardner was forced to play every day.

But after suffering a sore knee, this the Yankees opportunity to put to rest the idea of Gardner being the starting left fielder 5 days a week. Gardner has 15 homers and 41 RBIs but it’s safe to say if Tauchman had as many chances at the plate as Gardner, he’d dwarf those numbers.

Shout out to the Yankees front office for continuing to pick these guys out of other organization’s farm systems. Brian Cashman must be a devil worshipper or using some sort of dark magic. There’s no other explanation.

Also, quick LOL at Clint Frazier. Future minor league all-star, Clint Frazier. Good for you buddy.

You know who doesn’t have the best batting average since May 5th? Mike Trout. You know who doesn’t play for a team that’s 30 games above .500? Mike Trout. You know who doesn’t deserve the 2019 AL MVP Award? Mike Trout.

There’s only one Mike in the American League that deserves that trophy right now and he plays in pinstripes. All hail Mike Tauchman, future MVP and unanimous Hall of Famer.

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