The OK Boomer Girl is Creepy As Hell

Meet the OK Boomer Girl who is Internet famous for making what I can only describe as the worst Tik Tok in the history of Tik Tok as @Neekolul wore a Bernie shirt that was too small and a skirt that sugar daddy would make their girlfriend wear to the grocery store for no reason.

This video haunts me.

I won’t pretend like I don’t understand the popularity of this sociopath.

She’s cute and, ya know, has those things sitting on her chest. I get it. She’s your prototypical e-girl. She has a fake high pitched voice with big anime eyes and even bigger anime tits. No surprise at all that she all has a Twitch channel where guys who are attracted to girls like her would be. The brand makes sense.

What really fascinates me about these cartoon character is what happened a couple of weeks ago when she mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

The Internet is a weird creepy place and this OK Boomer girl just put a microscope over the part of Twitter that makes me uncomfortable.

This girl Neeko became popular overnight not only because she’s attractive. With Snapchat and Instagram filters, most girls can look good online. What makes this different is that she got popular by looking and behaving like a little girl. Blink once. You’re allowed.

She does not post ‘sexy’ photos. She posts ‘adorkable’ ones with her tongue out and peace signs. She looks like human American anime. No one’s cheeks should be that red for no reason other than to attract gross gamer boys.

And to add a layer of creepy, not only does she attract an audience of horny nerds but all those horny nerds thought they had to chance to bang her until she introduced her boyfriend into the picture.

I guess my problem is that I don’t know who I’m more disgusted at: horny dudes lusting after this busty adult woman pretending to be a little girl or this grown ass woman exploiting horny Internet creeps by wearing clothes that don’t fit and behaving like a child for Twitch streams.

At the end of the day, I’m just mad at myself for knowing who this OK Boomer girl even is. Ideally, I’d like to shoot her and Liv Cowherd into the sun but simps will simp. Some new e-girl will emerge and the simps will swarm.

Just make an onlyfans and let’s stop playing these charades.






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