The NFL Has Finally Done ONE Thing Right By Banning The Sale of Custom Rae Carruth Jerseys

Rae Carruth is a former Carolina Panther wide receiver who was released from prison earlier this week after serving an 18-year sentence for hiring a man to kill his girlfriend while she was pregnant.

That was a horrible sentence a just typed out but the worst of it all being that he was released after only 18 years. New rule: if you conspire to have your pregnant wife murdered, regardless of whether or not you actually pull the trigger, you get to die in prison.

The Internet, being filled with trolls and assholes, attempted to buy themselves some custom Rae Carruth jerseys only to find out that the purchase does not go through just like when you try to write-in ‘OJ Simpson’ or ‘Aaron Hernandez’.

Very shocking move for the NFL to actually do something correctly when all the league seems to do is lose. Whether they ban a quarterback because he wanted to end social injustice or they get into a slapboxing match with Donald Trump and lose, the NFL never seems to come out on top in any issue.

There are former players without health care who have had nonstop headaches from the second they were first tackled in the NFL to 20 years after they retired and the league is straight up leaving their phone off the hook so those players can’t ask them for help.

The NFL now officially has one victory to end their 1,455,546 loss streak.

Also one more time but for the people in the back, fuck Rae Carruth.





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