The New York Times LOVES Nazis

On Tuesday evening, Ms. Norton said in a Twitter post that she would no longer be joining The Times.

Between the two statements, a social media storm had erupted, with Ms. Norton at the center of it, because of her use of slurs on Twitter and her friendship with Andrew Auernheimer, who gained infamy as an internet troll going by the name “weev.” Mr. Auernheimer now works for The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

The Twitter campaign against Ms. Norton focused on a tweet from October in which she said that “weev is a terrible person, & an old friend of mine.” It also turned up years-old tweets by Ms. Norton in which she used slurs against gay people and another in which she retweeted a racial slur.

James Bennet, the editorial page editor of The Times, said in a statement on Tuesday night: “Despite our review of Quinn Norton’s work and our conversations with her previous employers, this was new information to us. Based on it, we’ve decided to go our separate ways.”


Last year, the New York Times released a Nazi sympathy article that attempted to humanize a group of people who would prefer to live in a world without people of color. Nazis: They’re just like us! That seems to be the New York Times MO these days.

Now they tried to sneak in a Nazi sympathizer through the back door without anyone noticing that her best buddy is a proud neo-Nazi oh, and she casually says ‘faggot and ‘nigger’ for funsies. It’s not hard to find out if someone is a monster on Twitter. Forget her ‘references’. Literally look up her name and search ‘nigger’. If there are ANY results, you cannot hire that person. Done.

The problem here isn’t that the New York Times didn’t do their due diligence to discover that Quinn Norton was a garbage can. The problem is that they for sure knew and that’s why they wanted her ‘voice’. Again, New York Times is all on giving ‘everyone’ a voice, including sympathy for the devil, apparently.

Sure, there is definitely Freedom of Speech in America. You can totally play that card right now if you want to defend Quinn Norton and you want to fight back against her firing. Here’s the thing about Freedom of Speech: You can for sure say whatever you want in this country, as long as you’re willing to face the consequences of your bullshit.

Dear New York Times, stop. doing. this. plz. ‘Sure, he’s a Nazi but like, he helps old (white) ladies cross the road. He’s a good guy (unless your skin is beige in which case, he wants you to hang from a tree lololol) but he always takes his Keurig cup out of the coffee machine when he’s done brewing so he’s dope).






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