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The New York Knicks Would Be FOOLS To Trade Away Zion Williamson For Anyone

Zion can save New York from itself

Yes, you saw that correctly.

Zion Williamson just ran from one side of the court to the other to swat a JUMP SHOT at its highest point. My god. I can’t stop watching this.

There is nothing that Zion cannot do on a basketball court. Even with the shackles of Coach K and a Duke jersey on his back, he’s still managing to be the most athletic creature in the history of history.

And for some reason there is a belief that if the New York Knicks succeed in their tanking and end up with the first overall draft pick, they should trade that pick, along with future first round picks and Kevin Knox, for Anthony Davis.


Fuck Anthony Davis.

Sure AD is averaging 29 points, 13.3 rebounds and 2.6 blocks but yawn. Anthony Davis, like Karl Anthony Towns, are capable of scoring 30 points and grabbing 30 rebounds on a nightly basis. They make it look simple.

But look at their team’s records. Their monster performances don’t effect wins and losses. The ball has to be given to them. They can be schemed out of the game in the final two minutes. Having a dominating big man doesn’t matter in 2019. The Pelicans and Timberwolves are out of the playoffs.

If the Knicks traded their entire team and future assets for Anthony Davis, then they would just be the New Orleans Pelicans but way worse. Cool.

Zion is 19 and the Knicks would have financial control over him for at least 7 years. He is astronomically cheaper than Anthony Davis would be. And he can both light up Madison Square Garden while instantly making the Knicks competitive on a nightly basis.

Look at the impact Luka Doncic has had on the Dallas Mavericks. Joel Embiid is a beast but Ben Simmons is the key to the Sixers success these past couple of seasons.

Zion Williamson is the next man up. He was created in a lab with trampoline springs instead of knees. His lats have lats. Anthony Davis missed two weeks with a fucking finger sprain earlier this year. Zion’s bones are made of adamantium.

If you’re a New York Knicks fan, how can you watch this team lose almost every single game for the last half decade and then be okay with the end result being Anthony Davis and like, Kemba Walker? That’s what all of this losing was for?

Fuck that. We deserve our next Patrick Ewing. Zion is Ewing X1,000. Zion is a sure thing. He is the piece you start with for a rebuild. Zion, Kevin Knox, shit, even Dennis Smith Jr is impressing me recently. That’s the team you build and then as they grow, you sign some shooters. You sign some veteran depth. You continue to find Mitchell Robinson’s and Allonzo Trier’s. You give Mario Hezonja the max.

Hey New York Knicks, hire me.



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