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The New York Knicks Might Finally Be Putting Together a Real Life Grown Up NBA Front Office

A few weeks ago, New York Knicks team president, Leon Rose, decided to retain current GM, Scott Perry, for the final year of his contract even though the man has a 67-163 record running the team and it was impossible not to criticize the move.

It appeared as though Rose was doing was many Knicks execs have done before him: the bare fucking minimum. Steve Mills did nothing. Phil Jackson was on vacation collecting direct deposits from James Dolan and it seemed like it was Leon Rose’s turn to cash in for a couple of years.

But my man has been WORKING this week putting together a powerhouse New York Knicks front office full of people who like, actually know basketball. Weird.

Walt Perrin has been labeled as a draft expert after 19 years with the Utah Jazz. He’s been credited for drafting all-stars like Paul Millsap, Mo Williams, Donovan Mitchell, Deron Williams, Gordon Hayward and trading for Rudy Gobert.

Perrin clearly has an eye for talent and clearly puts the work in to watch college basketball, which is a task I can’t confidently say Knicks execs were doing prior. Phil Jackson famously slept through rookie workouts.

New York has two first-round picks this season and bringing in a draft guru like Perrin should make fans feel more comfortable about those picks. I don’t expect another wasted lottery walking away with Frank Ntilikina or Kevin Knox.

Plus, his addition should make everyone feel better about the fact that they won’t be trading those picks away for an aging injury-prone star like Chris Paul.

That being said, Frank Zanin is coming from the Oklahoma City front office that traded for Chris Paul last offseason so shrug.gif.

He’s also boys with Kobe which I also don’t love.

But we’re being positive today. Glass is half full as hell.

The idea of putting together a competent well-regarded and respected scouting department is a foreign idea for the Knicks. None of the reports indicate that these men are replacing anyone which makes me question if anyone held these jobs prior.

Was Steve Mills really ‘trying’ to do everything with just he and Scott Perry? It would explain why they put all of their chips into the Zion Williamson and Kevin Durant basket. All of their chips and then they borrowed some chips from a local loan shark.

The New York Knicks front office is low-key looking like a professional basketball organization for the first time in the James Dolan era.

I have no idea what these moves mean for Scott Perry going forward but Leon Rose is building a dream team and as I re-read this sentence I’m remembering that I’m talking about the Knicks which means by the time I finish this article they’ll have already re-signed Julius Randle to the max and trade all their draft picks for John Wall.

Glass half empty.




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