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The New York Giants Considering Freddie Kitchens For Offensive Coordinator is Exhibit A of What’s Wrong With The NFL’s Coach Hiring Process

Earlier this week, the New York Giants hired Joe Judge to be their new head coach after going 4-12 this past season and firing Pat Shurmur.

Joe Judge, a man no one had ever heard of prior to this week who might just be a generic computer-generated coach that appears when you’ve been playing Madden’s franchise mode for too long and all the real coaches in the game retire.

But apparently, Joe Judge worked under Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. Both hall of fame coaches praised Judge.

Not sure what that means considering he’s never been a head coach before but jobs want good recommendations before they hire you and there aren’t two better recommendations than from Saban and Belichick.

But now it’s time for Judge to build his coaching staff and he’s already proving why the NFL hiring process is absolute nonsense.

Freddie Kitchens was just fired by the Cleveland Browns after being an embarrassingly bad head coach. None of his failures in Cleveland seem to matter as he is now instantly landing on his feet and being considered for the Giants offensive coordinator position.

The fuck is going on?

This season, the Browns offense ranked 22nd in yards and points per game. A team that had one of the best running backs in the NFL in Nick Chubb and Odell Beckham, a player that many believed to be the best wide receiver in the league prior to putting on a Browns jersey.

Freddie Kitchens had some of the best weapons in the entire NFL and ranked 26th in first downs. They couldn’t even move the ball up the field.

The Browns were 4th in the NFL in offensive penalties. So not only did they have no idea how to move the ball but they were wildly undisciplined. Shit, the Browns had a player rip off an opposing quarterback’s helmet and smash him over the head with that helmet.

It was chaos in Cleveland all season long.

And now Freddie Kitchens, who wore a t-shirt mocking the helmet attack, is potentially getting a job as offensive coordinator.

He failed to develop Baker Mayfield. In fact, Baker totally regressed under Kitchens. And the Giants are considering bringing him in to develop Daniel Jones.

What are we doing here?

Joe Judge and Freddie Kitchens worked together at Mississipi State so naturally, Kitchens gets to skip the line.

It’s impossible to not see these rumors and connect this directly to the lack of diversity on the sidelines every Sunday. Black coaches can hardly get their foot in the door. If they fail once, it’s a wrap for them.

Meanwhile, Freddie Kitchens can be the biggest laughing stock in the NFL and get an interview a week after being fired. Pat Shurmur has statistically one of the worst win-loss records in head coaching history and there’s a bidding war to bring him in as an offensive coordinator.

Every time you bring race into this conversation, some lame white guy wearing a camo jacket and those as station sunglasses always jumps in and shouts “it shouldn’t be a black or white thing. The best man should get the job regardless of race”


None of these hirings have anything to do with merit. Joe Judge was hired because he knew some powerful people that vouched for him and now he’s turning around and using his new power to do his buddy a favor.

Let me tell you guys a quick story.

Towards the end of a Week 8 loss to the New England Patriots, Freddie Kitchens sent out the punt team on 4th-and-11 on Cleveland’s 24-yard line. Makes sense. Wide receiver, KhaDarel Hodge, committed an ‘illegal procedure’ penalty to move Cleveland back to a 4th-and-16 on Cleveland’s 19-yard line.

Freddie Kitchens then called back his punt team and sent his offense back out there to convert a 4th-and-16 from their own 19. Baker Mayfield was sacked. Like, immediately.

After the game, it was revealed that Kitchens told Hodge to commit the penalty on purpose so that the clock would stop. The Cleveland Browns had a timeout.

He took a penalty on purpose to bring them back to 4th-and-16 in order to stop the clock. I repeat, THEY HAD A TIMEOUT.

So please, continue to tell me about the wonderful meritocracy of NFL coach hirings.



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