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The NBA Needs To Step In and Stop Carmelo Anthony From Joining The Los Angeles Lakers

What Happened?


It is being reported that LeBron James wants his boy Carmelo Anthony to come join his super team in Los Angeles after Melo’s time in Houston failed miserably. It was tough with 3 Hall of Famers out there battling for the ball. James Harden, CP3 and Melo the Gawd couldn’t make it work.

But now Carmelo is about to join a roster that perfectly compliments his powers. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Michael Beasley are all about to be on the same squad. And Tyson Chandler too???

The NBA needs to step in like when they prevented the Lakers from trading for Chris Paul back when he played for the New Orleans Hornets. They need to run back the ‘stop Los Angeles from dominating’ play again.

Imagine having to defend Melo AND Michael Beasley at the same time. No team has enough Kawhi Leonard’s to stop that flurry of offense. LeBron out there too playing third fiddle to those two maestros. Those two titans on the perimeter.

Dear NBA, don’t make the same mistake you made allowing Kevin Durant to join the Golden State Warriors. Veto this signing to save the league.








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