The NBA Needs To Step In And Do Something About This Thug Mason Plumlee

In the first quarter of the Jazz/Nuggets game Wednesday night, Mason Plumlee attacked Derrick Favors for no reason. It was ruthless. It was dirty. There is no room in this beautiful game for that type of savagery. Kick this thug out of the league.

How long are we going to allow ‘these people’ to run wild completely unchecked? How do I explain to my kids what is happening to the NBA that I grew up loving?

And it’s not just Mason Plumlee. It’s player like him too. His ‘brothers’ if you will.

Look at Grayson Allen here harassing young innocent Trae Young. This is disgusting. ‘These people’ are a menace to society. They’re just prone to violence. It’s in their DNA.

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Duke basketball players. There, I said it. I’m not afraid of the backlash. JJ Redick, Christian Laettner, Grayson Allen, the Plumlees, all thugs and neanderthals ruining the game of basketball. Arrest Coach K, that gang leader.

The NBA needs to step in and ban these players before Zion Williamson comes to the league and puts Russell Westbrook in a figure four leg lock after the opening tip.

Think about the children. Won’t somebody think about the children.




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