The Nathan Peterman Experience is Over…Let’s Recap Some of His Greatness


This was the hardest moment of my year. Football needs Nathan Peterman and it appears as though his brief and wondrous career has come to an immediate end after being released this week by the Buffalo Bills.

The NFL is a tough sport to really love. Especially if you’re from New York and your teams suck.

So many of the players have weird off the field issues that you have to pretend don’t exist in order to enjoy their talents. Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs offense is exciting to watch but every time Tyreek Hill catches a pass it’s tough to not be reminded of the fact that he beat the shit out of a woman.

Nathan Peterman’s starts provided a fun escape from the horrors of watching 300-pound men smash their heads together 80 times a game and cut each other’s life expectancies in half. We could all gather around the television together in unison and see how many pick-six’s this man could throw in a half.

But with rookie Josh Allen, returning and both Derek Anderson and Matt Barkley proving that they can at least get a few first downs, the Bills are moving on from Nate Pete. I’m lost. This hurts.

Nathan Peterman is leaving Buffalo with 3 career touchdowns and 12 interceptions on 130 pass attempts. His career passer rating is 32.5.

We’re really losing this on football Sundays.

The world needed an anti-Aaron Rodgers.

Nathan Peterman was sooo bad that he erased the very clear racial bias at the quarterback position.

EJ Manuel was a bad quarterback that played for the Bills but never got as many chances to suck as Peterman did. Tyrod Taylor was on an All-Star team and led the Bills to the playoffs. Annnd was replaced with Peterman.

Shit, the Bills even drafted Logan Thomas, a quarterback out of Virginia Tech, and moved him at tight end so that Peterman could flourish. If Nathan Peterman was just a liiiiitle bit better than we’d need to have a discussion on why Peterman gets to be mediocre and these other black quarterbacks don’t.

But Peterman was just so god awful that we all just enjoyed the interceptions and rooted for him to throw more. He was ending racism one incomplete pass at a time.

But knowing Peterman, he will somehow fail upwards and end up replacing Tom Brady in New England when he retires and he’ll win a championship with Belichick. Hopefully.



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