The Most Hilarious Storyline of the 2018 Season is Earl Thomas’s Holdout

What Happened?

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas explained his reasons for holding out Thursday, writing for The Players’ Tribune that he deserves to be paid accordingly as the only “Legion of Boom” mainstay still on the team.

He implied that he has taken a discount in the past to keep the Seahawks’ storied secondary together,

Thomas has stated his “pay me or trade me” stance on social media, but Thursday’s comments are the first time he has explained why he feels that way.

“The last contract I signed with Seattle, I did it with the Legion of Boom in mind,” Thomas wrote. “I think our unit will be remembered as one of the greatest in history. And I wanted the team to be able to keep us together. But one by one, pretty much all of those guys have left — and a lot of the time, not on great terms.”



Earl Thomas started training camp by demanding a trade from the Seattle Seahawks or a brand new contract. Thomas is in the last year of the deal and as he watches the rebuild happen around him and all of his star teammates like Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor gone, he wants to be the next one out.

The problem is the Seahawks straight up do not care.

There are zero reports about the Seahawks sitting down with Earl Thomas to extend his contract. It doesn’t appear as though the Seahawks have made any calls to other NFL front offices in regards to trading Thomas.

Earl Thomas is like ‘you better trade me or I’m not playing this year’ and the Seattle Seahawks are like ‘lol guess you’re not playing this year’ and that’s what makes this specific holdout so hilarious.

Thomas has zero leverage in this situation. He is fully aware that the Seahawks are rebuilding which means they don’t really need Thomas on the roster at all. The team wants to give playing time to new young players anyway.

Thomas is owed $8.5 million this season and the Seahawks are getting that whole contract back by fining him every week he misses. If anything, the Seahawks are turning a profit by Thomas paying fines.

What does Seattle gain from trading Earl Thomas to an opponent when they don’t actually need to. It’s not like teams are banging on the Seahawks front door throwing first round draft picks at them for Thomas.


Earl Thomas: Trade Me

Seattle Seahawks: Lol no

Thomas: Um…well…pay me then

Seahawks: *hangs up phone*




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