The Most Hilarious Aspect of the ‘Brooklyn Dad’ Twitter Account That Was Paid To Spew Pro-Biden Propaganda

Meet Majid Padellan aka Brooklyn Dad Defiant, who is known on Twitter for being loud and incredibly annoying #Resistance Pro-Joe Biden liberal loser. Some of his greatest hits include defending the Dems as they didn’t even try to raise the minimum wage and attempting to smear Tara Reade, the woman that Joe Biden 1000% sexually assaulted.

Welp, turns out ol’ Brooklyn Dad made $60K in 2020 from a Democratic PAC that paid for him to have a platform and then use that platform to vomit up pro-Biden bullshit while pretending as if he was just some concerned citizen who hated Bernie Sanders or whatever.


His tweets are so corny and just hot garbage generic nonsense but with the knowledge that he’s being paid to say these things, it is so clear that he is only repeating talking points that are being handed down to him from the current presidential administration.

Just earlier this week he praised Biden for not wanting his name on the Stimulus checks in comparison to Trump who demanded his signature be on them.

You know what you won’t find on the Brooklyn Dad twitter? An explanation of why Biden and every Democrat running for office in 2020 told us that we’d be getting $2,000 checks and after we foolishly elected them, they all proceeded to only give us $1,400 and pretend as if it’s the second half of the previously sent out $600 even though at no point did any of them mention that would be the case while they were smiling and lying to us.

But I don’t want to keep talking about Padellan who is clearly a piece of shit. He deleted tweets where he suggested that the women claiming that Andrew Cuomo sexually assaulted them were lying because the timing was fishy. Need these men to explain WHEN is the proper time to come out and say that your body was taken from you by a man who could afford to have your voice completely muted.

Fuck Brooklyn Dad.

The hilarious thing about this story that has literally made me laugh out loud every time it crossed my mind is that Padellan made $60k to tweet shit like ‘Bernie’s mittens are misogyny and Kamala Harris is my mommy that I want to breastfeed me’. Not bad for cash. Do your thing or whatever.

But uh, how do you people feel that tweeted this same garbage for FREE?

You weirdos whose entire political ideology consists of making fun of Donald Trump’s spray tan and pretending to be outstanding moral citizens simply because you waited on line to vote for a generic Democrat who also doesn’t believe in anything. You tweeted the same bilge that Brooklyn Dad was and you didn’t even get a direct deposit to do so.


I hope we all learned a lesson that internet politics is all eyewash and if you’re going to ride for either party then make sure to send your account and routing numbers to the appreciate PACs in order to receive your payments on time.



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