The Los Angeles Sparks Deserved To Lose After Hiring Derek Fisher As Their Head Coach

The Los Angeles Sparks were eliminated by the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA semifinals all while two-time MVP, Candace Parker, sat on the bench and watched in disbelief as Sparks head coach, Derek Fisher, didn’t even let her on the court.

Candace Parker played a grand total of 11 minutes in a Win Or Go Home game.


Look at the former MOST VALUABLE PLAYER OF THE LEAGUE fuming on the sidelines as Derek Fisher walks smugly back and forth watching his team lose so he can get out of the arena as fast as he can before Matt Barnes comes home.


In her postgame interview, Candace said she was fully healthy and able to play and when asked about her playing time she responded: “That’s for Fish”. You never want your player to hit a reporter with a ‘ask my bum ass coach’.

The Sparks were swept in 3 games by Connecticut and were outscored by a combined 48 points in games 2 and 3.

Here is the worst head coach—who continues to be a head coach somehow—explaining why he sat Candace:

Candace Parker is one of the greatest players in the history of this sport and Derek Fisher said he didn’t play her because he wanted to find a ‘spark’. Bitch, putting your best player on the floor would’ve given your team a spark.

As much as I want to strangle Derek Fisher, a man who set the New York Knicks back a decade, the Los Angeles Sparks deserve this.

Derek Fisher went 40-96 in his two years as a head coach in New York wasting the final years of Carmelo Anthony’s prime and getting chased around a kitchen by Matt Barnes.

And the Sparks decided to hire this asshole to run their team.

It’s worth noting that the Sparks had the third best record in the league and after missing 12 games with an injury, Candace Parker wasn’t really out here balling like she used to.

I also personally think their midseason trade for All-Star, Chiney Ogwumike, put a wrench in the team’s continuity. Chiney and her sister, Nneka got to play together this season and that’s super cute or whatever but it 1000% took minutes away from young developing players who might have had a bigger impact in a series like the one they were just swept out of had they been given minutes earlier in the year.

BUT, it all comes back to Derek Fisher. Doesn’t matter how great you were in the regular season once the playoffs start and you’re being outcoached night after night.

Get Derek Fisher the fuuuuuuck OUT of here.

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