The Las Vegas Aces Just Became The Most Exciting Team in Sports

WOJ BOMB (Woj should’ve reported this)

The best player in the WNBA was just traded to the next big team in the league. This is like if the Philadelphia 76ers traded TJ McConnell and Mike Scott for Kevin Durant. This is a blockbuster.

Last season, Cambage averaged 23 points and 9.7 rebounds and finished second in MVP voting behind the champion, Breanna Stewart, who will be missing this entire upcoming season after popping her achilles playing in Europe because this league refuses to play these women more money than Eddy Curry will be making playing in the Big3 this summer.

Liz Cambage, the most dominant player in the league, will join forces with budding stars, A’ja Wilson and Kelsey Plum, along with No. 1 overall draft pick, Jackie Young.

After demanding a trade from Dallas, expect to see Cambage explode this year like Bruce Banner jumping out of a helicopter and crashing onto the ground as the Incredible Hulk.

Oh, and the Dallas Wings don’t matter this season. Cross their names off the list immediately. Skylar Diggins is missing the year bringing life into this world and now Liz Cambage is holding a Vegas Residency replacing Britney Spears, who is 1000% being kidnapped but that’s a conversation for another day.

The Las Vegas Aces just became the most exciting team in all of sports. Aces in 4. Deadseriousness is officially a Kayla McBride fan page. Oh, and I will be moving to Vegas and purchasing courtside seats. I will be their Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson or the IG models that Tristan Thompson flies to Cavs games when Khloe goes back to Los Angeles.

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