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The Hilariously Predictable Reactions To Rich Hill and His Wife Being Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Rich Hill is a journeyman starting pitcher who last had success providing depth to the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation as they lost in the World Series year after year.

Last season, Hill only started 13 games with LA and is currently a free agent looking for work. I’m sure his phone is blowing up right now as everyone and their mothers are fighting amongst themselves to sign the 39-year old with injury issues.

And now it’s being reported that Rich Hill was arrested this past weekend at Gillette Stadium after getting physical with the police as they put his wife in a cop car for undisclosed reasons.

Here are two tweets I saw sort of ‘reporting’ the events.

Rich Hill crown emoji. Yes. Fighting cops ad resisting arrest is some king shit.

He defended his shitty wife’s honor and got arrested alongside her. This is now a Rich Hill stan account. What a hero.

I don’t know if my sarcasm is clear so let me state this: Fuck cops. This sounds like some overzealous assholes who were bored and tried to get a quick arrest so they can say they actually did work that day.

Do you want to know why Bitch Hill and his wife were so adamantly fighting these cops? Because there was no reason for them to be under arrest in the first place.

It’s almost as if this happens on a daily basis. Police officers over step their power and harass civilians for no reason and with no consequence.

THE DIFFERENCE IS, is suuuper hilarious when Rich Hill fights back and resists arrest but when it’s a black young man well then he shouldn’t be resisting arrest and if he didn’t want the cops to shoot him then he should’ve just complied to whatever the cops wanted regardless of their lack of merit.

No, not everything is about race. THIS is about race, though.

So how hilariously predictable to see everyone laugh and joke and straight up praise Hill for being arrested knowing damn well that these same people would be clutching their home print outs of the constitution if a dark man and his wife did the same nonsense. Especially if we’re talking about baseball fans. Not the most liberal group of folks on the internet.

I guess my point is that cops are dumb, Rich Hill is dumb and everyone involved is dumb. No one deserves a crown emoji for this. Deadseriousness isn’t now a Rich Hill stan account.

Oh, and fuck Boston, most importantly.

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