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The Greatest Trick John McCain Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World That He Was a Good Guy

John McCain is dead. RIP.

There is an outpour of tributes and kind words for the senator following his passing and that’s cool or whatever. This is in no way condemning people for honoring a war hero and a man who had a major impact on many people’s lives while in office.

This article is more about the outrage that comes whenever anyone attempts to critique his time in the Senate. For whatever reason, McCain became an untouchable player in American politics which is strange considering whenever he crossed bi-partisan lines, he always did the bare minimum.

He was called a ‘maverick’ but that pretty much meant he was able to have his cake and eat it too. He was able to vote in favor of making life harder for the middle class and easier for the rich while like, being willing to shake hands and smile with Obama. The Maverick.

Whenever someone opposes Donald Trump, we treat them like they are our champions whether they deserve the praise or not. This seems to continue happening and I will continue pointing out how this is total nonsense.

John McCain and Donald Trump personally do not like each other and because they’ve thrown soft ass jabs over the last couple of years, we’re automatically team McCain. Interesting that we let him get away with bullshit that we absolutely destroy other politicians for doing.

For example, there was a mass shooting at a video tournament the same weekend that McCain passed away. Marco Rubio was publically teabagged at that Florida town hall meeting for accepting campaign donations from the NRA and it’s weird that McCain faced zero criticisms considering he has accepted THE MOST money from the NRA. Over $7 million in his pocket from the organization that shrugs off dead kids.

I’m not the type of guy who puts on a tinfoil hat and yells about the ‘media’ but it’s no coincidence that he rarely received any criticism when even he acknowledges their love for him. He even ‘jokingly’ once referred to them as ‘his base’. Lololol isn’t it so funny how a US Senator has the media in his back pocket and can do no wrong even though he consistently does wrong?

What a good guy.

Remember when the GOP voted to repeal Obama Care last year and before ultimately voting to keep Obama Care, McCain told reporters to ‘Watch the show’.

Yes, he voted the correct way to keep The Affordable Care act going but it was kind of a weird asshole move to look at the camera and tell people to ‘watch the show’ like you’re on The Real World and you’re about to start an argument over the dirty dishes in the sink. Health care is a literal life or death issue that affects everyone. Maybe this isn’t the time to spike a football like Rob Gronkowski after you vote no.

But again, classic McCain doing the fucking minimum by voting to give people medicine and opening his arms waiting for our blind praise.

Here is another prime example of a time when people think McCain really proved to be an outstanding man:

A super racist old lady called Barack Obama an Arab, which is some of the nicer things said about Obama during that first presidential campaign, and John McCain replied ‘he’s a decent man and he’s a citizen’. Round of applause to McCain for once again doing the minimum requirement here.

People really point to this moment as if McCain really went out on a limb for Obama. All he had to do was not agree with the racist conspiracy theorist. Is that how low the bar is for politicians? Just please don’t call the black guy an Arab and we’ll name a library after you when you die.

John McCain is a war hero. I’m not just saying that erase all of the shit talking I’ve just done and that I am still about to do. If we’re going through the man’s legacy, that is a major bullet point. He suffered in the Vietnam War for this country. That matters.

Pretty interesting for a man that knows the horrors of war so thoroughly was more than willing to send young men and women into Iraq for a war they could not win. If we’re going to hate Dick Cheaney and George W. Bush for their warmongering, we should probably recognize that McCain was right there with them demanding we occupy Iraq.

Good guy.

Hey remember that time in the 80s when that super shady guy, Charlie Keating, gave John McCain and 4 other senators, a combined $1.3 million so that he could bribe them into supporting him when he would later almost collapse the economy but then when McCain got caught he ratted out Keating and then suddenly turned a new leaf and voted for stricter campaign donation regulations and everyone was like ‘wow, what a good guy’.

But that was the 80’s. Everything was neon and coke was flowing from the faucets like water. Surely he has changed since then. Wait what’s that? John McCain recently voted in favor of the Trump tax bill that made the 1% even richer and pretty much destroyed the middle class?

For the unaware, here are the financial ramifications of this tax bill that John McCain, the good guy who was 81 and dying voting for a bill that wouldn’t affect his life at all, decided would help this country:

Economists and tax experts are overwhelmingly skeptical that the bills in the House and Senate can generate meaningful job growth and economic expansion. Many view the legislation not as a product of genuine deliberation, but as a transfer of wealth to corporations and affluent individuals — both generous purveyors of campaign contributions. By 2027, people making $40,000 to $50,000 would pay a combined $5.3 billion more in taxes, while the group earning $1 million or more would get a $5.8 billion cut, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office.

(NY Times)
Real quick, someone is going to comment that I shouldn’t be speaking poorly of a dead man because he has different political beliefs that I do and in a way, that’s true. I agree. We were all upset when Adam West passed. I get the feeling that he and I had a different plan for the distribution of wealth.

But that’s not the case when we’re talking about an actual senator whose opposing political beliefs end in legislation that makes harder for a majority of Americans and easier for the 1% of Americans who also makes life harder for a majority of Americans.

Oh, and for those who think that John McCain was a rare Republican that stood up to Donald Trump’s tyranny, nah b. John McCain votes aligned with Trump 83% of their time together. BOOOO with calling this man a ‘maverick’. The only maverick we recognize here is Luka Doncic.

Oh, and John McCain voted against making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday.

What a good guy.





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