The First Images of DC’s Birds of Prey Movie Are Out (….Yikes)

The biggest problem with Suicide Squad, besides the cast, the narrative, the plot, the script, the acting and the special effects, was the movie’s visuals. It was like if a Hot Topic had a threesome with a pack of Crayola metallic markers and Jared Leto’s personal memoirs.

I bring up the visuals because in just 20 seconds of a teaser, I can tell that this movie is going to be absolute trash considering all of these costumes look like lazy cosplay from girls who don’t really like comic books but they’re going to Comic-Con anyway because they read an article on Bustle about the earning potential of those hot cosplay girls and they want to get more IG followers so they can quit their jobs as ‘social media managers’ at Start-Up companies that don’t survive a calendar year before filing for bankruptcy.

The point is, these DC movies are bland and lazy and way too DIY. How does the Birds of Prey movie look like it has a smaller budget than the Flash TV show on the CW Network?

These movies also suffer from the same problem that the most recent line of X-Men movies suffer from. They signed Jennifer Lawrence, who was the biggest movie star in the world at the time, and centered all of the movies around here character so instead of making the best possible story, they made a Jennifer Lawrence showcase that no one asked for.

In what reality does anyone go to see an X-Men movie for Mystique?

DC got Margot Robbie to agree to play Harley Quinn and then they wiped their hands clean like their job was done without actually putting together a good script to take advantage of her acting ability.

Was that Black Canary with a baseball bat? Whose student film is this? Did I just watch a teaser for a local band’s music video? Oh, Renee Montoya is an alcoholic detective. What a new and innovative idea. The cop with a ‘past’.

I should mention, I’m only this disappointed because I love Birds of Prey and it appears as though DC doesn’t give a shit about me or anything I care about.




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