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The Emotional Complexities of Watching Daniel Jones Stomp Out Dwayne Haskins

The New York Giants are currently on what I’m told is called a ‘winning streak’ ever since the organization grew the balls to sit franchise legend, Eli Manning, for new franchise legend, Daniel Jones.

After storming down to Tampa Bay to murder the Buccaneers in Daniel Jones’s first career NFL start, the Giants returned home for a rivalry game against the Washington Redskins.

Danny Don’t Lose didn’t have a perfect game. Jones went 23-for-31 with 225 yards, one touchdown and two unfortunate interceptions. He’s a rookie so it’s expected that he’d make some mistakes at some point. Shrug.gif.

The Giants would still go onto win 24-3 despite their careless turnovers but this game wasn’t about improving to 2-2 on the season.

It’s not about the NFC East.

It’s not about running back Wayne Gallman doing his best Saquon Barkley impression or Janoris Jenkins bouncing back from getting teabagged by Mike Evans last week to snatching two interceptions this week,

No, this was about the 2019 NFL Draft.

After Case Keenum heroically led Washington to 22 yards of total offense in Washington’s first four drives ending with three punts and an interception, future former head coach Jay Gruden—who said rookie Dwayne Haskins wasn’t going to play—played Dwayne Haskins.

Annnnd Haskins threw a touchdown pass! To Jabrill Peppers of the Giants. Yikes.

Normally, I would be jumping for joy. I mean, who am I kidding, I was. But that ended quickly when I remembered draft day. The 2019 NFL Draft. Not like, the Kevin Costner movie.

Everything was lined up for Dwayne Haskins to be the first-round draft pick of the New York Giants. At Ohio State, he threw for 4,831 yards, 50 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions and completed 70% of his passes.

For comparison sake, Daniel Jones had only 2,674 passing yards with 22 touchdowns to 9 interceptions and completed just 60.5% of his passes.

Jones played at Duke against far inferior defenses than what Haskins faced playing against the Big Ten every Saturday.

It’s easy to understand why Haskins was the obvious choice for the No. 6 pick. Not only was it the safer choice but it was destiny.

Haskins was born and raised in Highland Park like, an hour away from Giants Stadium. With the numbers and success he had at Ohio State, it was impossible to not daydream about his potential in a Giants jersey playing alongside Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr.

But Giants GM, Dave Gettleman, was on a roll of making insane decisions.

A month after sending Odell Beckham to Cleveland for no reason, Gettleman used the No. 6 overall pick to select Daniel Jones, a quarterback that sucked in college and would have been available in the second or third round as no other team was in a rush to snatch up Daniel.

Something fishy was in the air.

All of a sudden we heard propaganda about Daniel Jones’s relationship to a coach that has a relationship with the Manning family and you find out that Jones is actually friends with Pat Shurmur’s son and suddenly this decision seemed less football-related and more about maintaining the ‘old boy’ status in the Giants organization.

It was all very county club-ish.

When your team is literally the LAST team in the entire NFL to ever start a black quarterback and you pass up the black quarterback for a kid with back door connections to important people, it’s a terrible fucking look.

We all know the circumstances that led to the Giants not starting a black quarterback until 2017 but let’s also recognize that it was a total coincidence that Geno happened to be the backup and Ben McAdoo would’ve started a random stadium concession worker over Eli that week out of pure frustration.

We could’ve seen another decade of never starting a black QB easily.

Fast forward to Week 4 and watching Daniel Jones succeed while Dwayne Haskins is out there playing as if he had never been on a football field before was emotionally confusing.

But 10 black quarterbacks played in Week 4. 11 if you count Josh Allen (and I do). The stigma against playing a black QB is slowly subsiding every single season. I suppose.

And Daniel Jones is humble. Everyone and their mothers mocked him when he was selected and he’s done nothing but put his head down and work to become the Danny Dimes we all know and love today.

It’s extraordinarily obvious that Jones is better than Haskins.

He has better control of the pocket.

He looks through his reads better.

He throws better footballs in places where his receivers can catch and keep running.

And he can scramble like Daunte Culpepper.

But the success of Jones just adds another emotional complexity: was Dave Gettleman…right?

Gettleman traded Odell Beckham for Jabrill Peppers. Both players currently have one touchdown this season. Laugh out loud.

Gettleman also refused to even negotiate a contract with Landon Collins who signed with Washington and is still the great run stopping safety he was in New York but he’s certainly not making the impact that Peppers is.

But Dave Gettleman doesn’t deserve credit for the Cleveland Browns inability to give the ball to Odell. The moves he made still didn’t make any sense when they happened. Especially when you combine this photograph with Gettleman passing on Dwayne Haskins.

Dave Gettleman just so happened to get rid of Olivier Vernon, the one guy who kneeled during the National Anthem, and his two teammates that openly supported him even though all three of these players are perennial Pro Bowlers? Interesting.

Can you understand why someone who looks like me would have some fucking questions about the Giants’s motives after all of these sketchy ass moves?

And look at who they replaced Odell Beckham with:

Golden Tate out here trying to build that wall, I’m sick. Get this worm OUT of here.

So again, do you see why it was tough for me to see Daniel Jones stomp out Dwayne Haskins after the series of moves the Giants made to alienate me?

Do you get how nasty it feels to have to admit that perhaps Gettleman might have known what he was doing?? How am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Perhaps time will heal these wounds. If we have a decade of Daniel Jones vs. Dwayne Haskins then down the road, this matchup will have less baggage for me.

But now it’s on to Minnesota to take on bitch ass Kirk Cousins. One day, I’ll feel more comfortable getting Haskins jokes off but next Sunday I will have absolutely no problem dunking on Kirk. Giants by 500.


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