The Dwyane Wade Jersey Swap Has Jumped The Shark

Kevin Huerter now?! Oookay.

This jersey swap has officially gone too far. There are now Dwyane Wade Kevin Huerter jersey swaps going down. These two shouldn’t even be making contact let alone exchanging laundry like this.


The Dwyane Wade retirement tour has been the most grueling part of the 2018-19 season. I don’t want to sit here and say that Wade isn’t a legend and doesn’t deserve it. As a Yankees fan, I watched Derek Jeter get stroked for 162 games even though he was never the best player on his own team at any point. So, I get it.

Wade will go down as the best Miami Heat player ever and you can make a strong argument that he was better than Kobe and when I’m done writing this article complaining about Wade, I’ll go back to saying he’s better so I can piss off Kobe stans.

That being said, the post-game jersey swap, is um, not my thing. It’s corny as hell and it’s sort of weird to assume a player on the other team wants your gross ass jersey as some trophy.

Enter Kevin Huerter, who apparently grew up a life long Wade fan and got turned into a Make-a-Wish kid. And good for him. Probably one of the best nights of his life. But he’s nowhere near swap with Wade level.

This jersey swap thing went from Wade swapping with the likes of Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook and now he might switch shirts with Becky Hammon, the Spurs assistant coach, or Ralph, the guy who works the concessions at America Airlines Arena.

Let’s wrap this nonsense up and just go ahead and retire so that next season Carmelo Anthony can get HIS retirement tour (playing in China with Michael Beasley). I’ll see you all in Shanghai when Melo and Jimmer Fredette are swapping jerseys. As it was written.



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