The Denver Broncos Drafting Drew Lock is Hilarious

With the 42nd overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected Drew Lock, quarterback out of Missouri. Laugh out loud.

Broncos President of Football Operations, John Elway, has a type: big, athletic, tall, strong rocket arms with zero accuracy.

Elway’s claim to fame was acquiring Peyton Manning after the Colts cut him because he was old and his body had fallen apart. Peyton won a Super Bowl against a Panthers squad that wasn’t ready and got stomped out in a Super Bowl by the Seahawks. You take two trips to the Super Bowl any time. Good for Elway.

Anddd when Manning retired, Elway would then bring in a medley of trash to replace him including Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler again, Case Keenum and now Joe Flacco. Laugh out loud.

Enter Drew Lock.

In 2017, he led the nation with 44 touchdown passes and led the SEC with 3,964 passing yards and 10.2 yards per attempt. He also led the SEC in interceptions. Take a note of that. It’ll for sure come up later.

After his junior season, he was on the top of every mock draft. He was the best quarterback available. Then his senior year happened and his performance dipped.

In 2018, Lock threw for 3,498 yards with 28 touchdowns and 8.5 yards per attempt. If you notice, those numbers are worse than his previous year. His passer rating also dropped from 165.7 to 147.7. Yikes.

But what makes Denver’s selection of Drew Lock hilarious isn’t just the fact that his quarterback career is already trending down before he faces a real NFL defenses but it’s also his playing style.

He has a strong arm and can throw the ball on the run or in a bootleg out of the pocket. He’s also a gunslinger which is a fun way of saying that he throws the ball into double coverage down the field because he trusts his arm more than he probably should and he’s more focused on the big play than the right play. He. Led. The. League. In. Interceptions.

Does that description remind you of anyone?


Drew Lock has often been compared to Jay Cutler, who I still believe was one of the better quarterbacks on the 2010’s but was prone to at least one dumb interception a week.

He also had zero respect from his teammates, had a losing record as a starting quarterback and only played a grand total of two playoff games in his career. Two. He was 1-1.

If Drew Lock’s ceiling is Jay Cutler then Denver has doomed themselves to another decade of making the postseason one time and winning in the wildcard round once before getting sent home the next week.

It is hilarious that Denver willingly signed up for 10 more years of Jay Cutler. What’s even more hilarious is that Denver started the offseason by trading for Joe Flacco, who was born from a cloud of Jay Cutler cigarette smoke.

Can I add another layer of comedy? Will you allow me?

Last season, the Baltimore Ravens traded up to draft Lamar Jackson at the end of the first round and reports were flying that Joe Flacco was pissed. He didn’t answer any of Lamar’s texts or calls.

Flacco gets a new start in Denver and is immediately tasked with having to prepare his replacement. Again. But this time, his replacement is a mirror image of him.

He watched Lamar Jackson scramble around in practice pissed that Lamar had a new shiny skillset that Flacco himself lacked. Now he’s going to watch Drew Lock in practice make all of the same throws and decisions he would make. Gemini Man, coming to theatres 2019.

John Elway’s desperate quest to never acquire a quarterback that will ever come close to sniffing his records in Denver is going just as planned. Jay Cutler led the NFL in interceptions twice. Drew Lock is more than ready to fill father’s loafers. This was destiny. [Thanos voice but wearing a Jay Cutler jersey and smoking a Marlboro red] I am inevitable.


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