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The Definitive Ranking Of All Fast and Furious Movies

The 8th installment of the greatest movie franchise of all time comes out this weekend. Yes, the Fate of the Furious is finally here. Dom Toretto vs. Everybody. The adrenaline is rushing just thinking about it. I might stop typing this right now and just camp out at the theatre until the first viewing.

In preparation of the new Fast and Furious, I have gone back and watched all previous 7 movies. I mean, I probably would’ve done that this week regardless of whether or not a new movie was coming out. Just a typical week at Deadseriousness HQ.

But anyway, here is the definitive ranking of all Fast and Furious movies:



7. The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

A lot of people tell me how underrated Tokyo Drift is. A lot of people are dumb. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad movie but when you strip this franchise of all of its stars, I’m out. Eventually, they will make more Fast and Furious spin off movies and they will be bad.

You can also grade all of these movies based off of the rappers that star in the film. Tokyo Drift has Lil Bow Wow. Please don’t try to tell me this movie is underrated ever again. The only good thing is that this movie gave us Han. #RIP.

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