The Definitive Ranking of All 14 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

10. Iron Man 2

The only reason I put Iron Man 2 ahead of The Incredible Hulk is because Robert Downey Jr. is charming as fuck and Ed Norton is so sad. So very sad. I think Mickey Rourke and his character Whiplash was dumb. No other way to describe it.

We need more black super heroes so thank you War Machine for existing. Another huge problem is the amount of collateral damage and inherent deaths is astronomical. Also, shout out to the unveiling of Natasha Ramanoff. The Russian spy with zero accent. Makes sense.

“DON CHEADLE TIME, get extra black on em -Kanye West” -Lester

david paul

Guy Arrested For Demanding His Mom To Order Him a Pizza

danilo gallinari

Danilo Gallinari Broke His Thumb After Punching an Opponent in the Face