The Definitive Ranking of All 14 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

1. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is the perfect comic book movie. If you are like myself, someone who grew up reading stories about these characters, then this was the movie you’ve always wanted. Marvel comics always had characters just showing up in other characters’ books. Reed Richards would just appear in an Iron Man book. Thor would show up at Doctor Strange’s front door.

In Civil War, when Spider-Man and Ant-Man just appear out of nowhere, it was right out of a comic book. Black Panther is just shoved in there. It’s great. Plus, it tries it’s best to reinterpret one of the more iconic Marvel stories, ‘Civil War’ and does an amazing job at replicating it.

The MCU gets lazy in their third acts. Usually the main hero(es) just smash a bunch of faceless aliens or robots and stop the apocalypse from happening. Yawn. Captain America: Civil War sets up a huge third act showdown between Cap and Bucky vs. The other Winter Soldiers but instead, Zemo already killed the other winter soldiers and we just get a brutal brawl between Cap and Tony Stark.

Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and no one can tell me otherwise.





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