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The Definitive Power Rankings of Christopher Nolan Movies

Dunkirk is out and Christopher Nolan and Harry Styles are all over the place this week to promote it. I have yet to see it but I’ll just assume it’s his best movie because again, Harry Styles. Just go ahead and give him the Oscar now.

Let’s take a look back at Christopher Nolan’s previous works of art and see how they stack up against each other. If you’re a big Insomnia fan1 then you’re going to be disappointed because I never watched that shit. But I’ve seen everything else sooo here we go.


Here are the definitive power rankings of Christopher Nolan movies:


7. Interstellar

I remember leaving the theatre after seeing Interstellar and being so incredibly annoyed that Matt Damon just popped up in the middle of that movie for no reason. That’s not necessarily why Interstellar is his worst movie but that’s just one of many examples of jarring events that take you out of a movie that is about 4th dimensional aliens and planets made entirely of water.

Should we talk about Anne Hathaway describing what love is as if she herself is an alien who has no grasp on human emotions? Or should we talk about Matthew McConaughey communicating to Murph through a bookcase in the middle of space?

No, the biggest problem with this bullshit is the ending. The entire movie, McConaughey is begging to get back to his daughter. He won’t stop banging on about Murph. His sole motivation in this entire film is to return to his daughter. Then, in what should be this beautiful reunion between he and his daughter, he stops by her bed for like 60 seconds and then immediately shoots back into space to hang with Anne Hathaway, whom he barely even talks to all movie.

Fuck Interstellar.

  1. A movie starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank that sounds great on paper but eh.
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