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The Dallas Cowboys Are Probably Going To Win The NFC East…Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing For New York Giants Fans

Sooo some shit went down this weekend.

The first place Washington Redskins season ended in the blink of an eye after Alex Smith’s leg exploded into a bajillion pieces. From my understanding, it’s tough to be starting quarterback in the NFL without two legs.

So cross off the Redskins.

Unless you really have faith in Colt McCoy, Washington is dead. Especially considering it is being reported that they are bringing in Mark Sanchez for a workout to replace Smith. That is the whitest of white flags.

The Eagles lost and fell to 4-6. That’s not breaking news though. The Eagles are trash and won the Super Bowl accidentally. Doug Pederson is a bad coach and it’s over for Philadelphia.

But the biggest surprise is that the Dallas Cowboys are on a winning streak and have seemingly figured out all of their early season woes. They’ve decided to hand the ball off to Ezekiel Elliot, the human bulldozer, and they’ve snatched victories away from struggling teams.

They beat the Eagles and the Falcons in back to back weeks and now Washington with Mark Sanchez is coming to Dallas for a Thanksgiving beat down.

Congrats Dallas, you’ve won the NFC East by default.

But how is this good for the New York Giants?

The Dallas Cowboys have a big decision to make at the end of the season. Do they extend Dak Prescott or do they move on and find another option at starting quarterback?

Dak doesn’t have a single game passing over 300 yards and/or 3 passing touchdowns this season. Not every team needs a quarterback putting up Drew Brees numbers every week but if the Cowboys re-sign Dak then they’re going to have to give him one of these ridiculous Matthew Stafford or Kirk Cousins contracts.

Dak Prescott is about to become the highest paid player on the Cowboys and he’s never had a single game in his career in which you can say ‘wow, Dak was the best player on the Cowboys today’.

If/when the Cowboys when the division and get murked in the playoffs, they’ll have no choice but to extend Dak which means the team’s future is destroyed. They’ll no longer have the cap flexibility to sign important players around him.

Plus, the Cowboys will be stuck with Dak as their QB for a decade. Dak is 25th this season in passing yards and 24th in passing touchdowns. He is a below average QB and does not help the team win games. Dallas wins in spite of Dak’s mediocrity.

The New York Giants won’t have to really worry about the Cowboys ever again. They’re done. They are about to lock themselves in NFL purgatory. 8-8 every year. Guaranteed.

The Cowboys are winning the division but the Giants are winning the war. Wow.






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