The Chicago Bears Are Dead, Mitch Trubisky Killed Them

So many people predicted the Chicago Bears to win the NFC North. Last season, the Bears had the best defense in the NFL and they were pretty much bringing back the same defense as 2018.

That defense showed up on Thursday night’s opener against Green Bay swallowing Rodger’s up in the backfield with 5 sacks and holding one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league to just 10 points.

With a performance like that, one would assume the Bears were on pace to go 16-0 and murder the NFC with Khalil Mack and company.

Enter Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky threw 26-for-45 (57%) for only 228 yards and one interception but a shitload of near interceptions and passes that sailed out of bounds or at wide receivers feet.

The score was 7-3 for a majority of this game. The Bears were down 4 points and were stifling the Pakcers offense the entire night. All Chicago had to do was drive down the field ONE time and score a touchdown.

Naturally, Trubisky was incapable.

The biggest drive of the game with 2 minutes left on the clock and the Bears down a touchdown, Trubisky launched the ball into the corner of the endzone toward a receiver that was in triple coverage. Genius.

Perhaps you shouldn’t stare down one receiver in the redzone so that three defenders can key into exactly where you’re throwing the ball and due to the limited field, they have the time to all swarm.

Now, you can make the argument that it’s only Week 1 and the Bears offense hasn’t quite figured out there identity yet. It’s impossible to not put some of the blame of Bears head coach, Matt Nagy, for his shitty gameplan.

David Montgomery is one of the most talented skill players to come out of this year’s draft. He had 6 carries. Tarik Cohen is a straight up playmaker. Although he had 8 receptions, he could’ve had more of an impact in the backfield taking some pressure off Trubisky.

Why the fuck would you let Mitch Trubisky throw the ball 45 times? Ever?

It has become very clear that the Bears have the worst quarterback in their division. Mitch Trubisky makes Kirk Cousins look like he deserves $84 million guaranteed. Trubisky makes Matty Stafford look like Dan Marino.

Do you get the point I’m making? He’s bad at playing football which is a problem considering that’s his profession.

Shout out to everyone who bet on Trubisky to win the MVP this season. I too enjoy lighting my income on fire for no reason.

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