The Carolina Panthers Don’t Deserve Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers are at a crossroads right now. Their franchise quarterback, Cam Newton, has one year left on his contract and only played in two games last year after suffering a season-ending foot injury.

Here’s what Panthers owner, David Tepper, said about Cam’s future with the team:

“And I said it a million times, ‘Is he healthy?’ And he’s not a doctor. . . So, there’s a lot of different things can happen. But first is, is he healthy? Tell me that and then we can talk.” 

What a wildly dismissive comment about quite literally the greatest player in Carolina Panthers history. Cam Newton is the franchise passing leader. He was the MVP in 2015 while leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl.

He is without a doubt the greatest football player in the history of this organization and Tepper is treating Cam like some stray cat he pet once walking to the mailbox and now the stray cat won’t stop meowing outside of his window all night.

And the man is only 30 years old.

Tom Brady is turning 55 and the New England Patriots are deciding which free agent wide receivers they’re going to bring in to help him out while the Panthers owner is like ‘I DEMAND A BIRTH CERTIFICATE’.

Clearly, Carolina is attempting to clean house and rid themselves of the previous regime that again, went to the Super Bowl less than five years ago. They fired head coach, Ron Rivera. They cut Pro Bowl tight end, Greg Olsen. Hall of Fame linebacker, Luke Kuechly, retired a few weeks ago.

Enter new head coach, Matt Rhule.

Look at this con artist tricking the Carolina media with performative meaningless empty bullshit coachspeak wearing his big boy grown-up suit. This young football savant with a career coaching record of 47-43. Wow. Totally makes sense to give this man a 7-year $60 million deal with front office control. At Baylor, he was 19-20 in 3 seasons.

You have to reward that type of resume.

It always makes sense to put more faith in the con artist with the shiny suit than the established veteran with an MVP trophy who at his peak, is quite literally unstoppable on a football field.

Andrew Luck is a quarterback whose career was riddled with injuries and half the league would cut their starting quarterbacks right now if he woke up tomorrow and decided to un-retire. Wait what’s that? Luck has never won an MVP or a Super Bowl?

OH, and he’s been Top 5 in turnovers in 3 of his 6 career season? So half of his career he’s been a turnover machine? I don’t see teams scrambling to get their hands on Jameis Winston and Blake Bortles but Andrew Luck—the injury-prone automatic turnover—would make astronomically more money on the free agent market right now than Cam Newton. Ok.

Cam needs a divorce from the Carolina Panthers if they’re going to continue to be cute with him and attempt to erase his legacy. This is the part of the breakup where you purposely focus on all the bad shit your partner did and forget that she did that weird thing with her thumb that you’ve never been able to convince another girl to try. The Panthers are going to miss that thumb.

Free Cam Newton. Enjoy 7-9 seasons for the next half decade, Carolina.










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