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The Boys Will Cure You of Super Hero Fatigue (And Drown You With Franchise Syndrome)

Amazon hit a grand slam with The Boys. In a world where every major corporation has decided to start their own streaming service completely ignoring that there is no way we pay for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ AND Amazon Prime.

The Boys is definitely strong enough to make you hold onto to your Amazon Prime subscription while Netflix makes more weird teenage dramas about kids killing themselves and blaming like, the local crossing guard for not asking how their day was.

This show essentially takes a world in which the Justice League exists except the heroes are all brands and IP controlled by the corporation, Vought. The superheroes are commodities that aren’t saving people out of a duty to their own personal morality but because they are hired to do so.

But not only are these superheroes the face of capitalism but they also happen to be the absolute worst humans on Earth as the leader of ‘The Seven’, Homelander, lets an airplane full of people crash to the ground because he accidentally allows terrorists to kill the pilot and is too lazy to save every passenger one at a time only to lie and use the crash as a catalyst to send The Seven into the Middle East as weapons of mass destruction.

This shit is heavy and also exactly what would happen if a corporation created superheroes. You’re straight up staring at the problem with the military in a capitalist society but instead of Roger Stone tricking the American people, it’s Elisabeth Shue breastfeeding.

If you’re tired of the same formulaic Marvel movies or CW shows then The Boys is certainly a departure from what you’re used to. I haven’t seen the new Spider-Man movie yet but I get the feeling that no one gets a bomb placed in their rectum.

I missed the last season of The Flash but I don’t think Barry Allen ran through someone’s girlfriend because he was high off some sort of HGH/heroin hybrid drug.

The Boys isn’t just horrible heroes committing atrocities because they can, it’s also hilarious as hell. Everything that Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl did was art. The character development of The Deep deserves its own deep dive. If that’s a pun then I’m going to delete Deadseriousness right now.

Buuuut it’s 2019 and although the show highlights the dark side of capitalism, it inherently exists in the system it is putting a microscope over which means it has to play the game as well.

For as much as the first half of the season does an amazing job of world-building and drawing you into the madness, the second half pretty much prepares you for future seasons of The Boys.

The big storyline of the first half is Hughie killing a super. Transcendent, a member of The Seven, goes missing for weeks and Homelander goes nuts trying to find him.

But as the show progresses, they kind of throw that storyline into a fire and they attempt to prepare you for next season as they set up supervillains in the Middle East and a weird baby daddy Homelander plot at the end for no reason.

For a show in which you’re rooting for this ragtag team of non-powered maniacs attempting to take down The Seven, the second half of the season sort of neuters their cause by taking away Billy The Butcher’s sole inspiration for wanting to kill Homelander.

It’s like halway through the show they hit pause on the major storyline and decided to plant seeds on what could happen in season 2 instead of telling one succinct tale of Billy and Hughie vs. The Seven.

If you hate the way DC has taken some of your favorite comic book characters and turned into generic money-making machines then The Boys doesn’t really solve that. This show also wants as many eyes and dollars it can get. The only difference is The Boys says ‘fuck’ a lot more and there’s way more sexual assault.

Who won the season?

I mean, everything Black Noir did was amazing. He was the best part of every scene he was in. Whether he was just casually reading a book in the background or dazzling a room of gala attendees with his piano skills. I don’t want him to speak. I don’t want his mask to come off. I exclusively want to see him hanging out being a calm jack of all trades while chaos ensues around him.

Also, quick shout out to the costumes in this series. Homelander and Queen Maeve look incredible. I will never understand why all of those X-Men movies refused to put the character in their colorful comic book costumes. That shit matters.

The Boys is great. Franchises, not so much. So it goes. *shrug*

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