The Boston Celtics Are Dead…The Boston Celtics Killed Them

The Boston Celtics are currently 25-17 on the season which isn’t the an incredibly bad record. They are 5th in the Eastern Conference and outside of the red hot Bucks and Raptors, there is still plenty of time for the Celtics to take home court in the playoffs.

But based off their success last season with their stars, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, not in the lineup, you’d expect a fully healthy Celtics team to be like, ya know, better.

On Saturday night, the Boston Celtics lost 103-105 to the Orlando Magic. They missed 9 free throws and remember when everyone talked about their great depth? Ya boy Terry Rozier went 0-for-5 from the field and was a -20 plus/minus.

Oh, and then there was there final play to tie the game in the last seconds.

Look, it’s an 82 game season. You can’t win them all. Players miss last minute buzzer beaters every single night. You just have to shake it off and congratulate the other team for besting you.

But nope, Kyrie immediately went after Hayward and Tatum. My man needed ANSWERS. He went right into their faces as if they just blew Game 1 of the NBA Finals by grabbing a rebound and running in the wrong direction. Shout out JR.

Kyrie Irving thinks the problem with the Celtics is that they’re not experienced enough. Kyrie is 26 years old. Imagine how condescneding that must feel for 28 year old Gordon Hayward being told he doesn’t have enough ‘experience’ to win.

We get it, Kyrie. You were on the Cavaliers and you led one of the most trash teams ever and you happened to suddenly make it back to the finals year after year because LeBron James decided to come back and save the franchise.

Yes, outside of Al Horford and Hayward, the Celtics are young as hell but let’s not pretend like they weren’t just in the Eastern Conference Finals last season without Kyrie. This team has more recent big game experience than Kyrie does.

And it’s not just Kyrie being an elitist. The whole team is melting.

Marcus Morris has been unleashed and no one is safe. I am so happy this is happening. Boston hoarded lottery picks and now they’re shocked that all these top draft picks want to actually play and not watch Marcus Morris iso from the bench.

All of a sudden, Brad Stevens, aka God’s Gift To Basketball, isn’t the great coach we all thought he was. Stevens is still too afraid to tell Marcus Smart to stop chucking up 3’s and to tell Jayson Tatum to stop taking fadeaway contested mid-range jumpers.

This team that ROBBED Brooklyn of all of their draft picks are evaporating right before our eyes and I couldn’t be happier. Life is good. the sun is shining bright. Birds are chirping. They’re not chirping louder because that would be annoying as shit but they are definitely like, flying around thus indicating that everything is great. You get the picture I’m painting here.


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