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The Ball Family is Getting a Reality Show on Facebook

Facebook is moving forward with its push into video content, greenlighting two new original series.

The second project is a yet-to-be-titled docuseries about the Ball family, whose sons Lonzo, Liangelo and LaMelo have taken the basketball world by storm. Freshman UCLA star Lonzo Ball was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers as their No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft last month. Liangelo and LaMelo are stand-outs at Chino Hills High School.


Looks like Facebook is getting into the original content game and their first stop, Chino Hills for the Ball Family reality show. If Netflix were to launch right now, I have no doubt in my mind that their first program would also be centered around a family who’s 15 minutes of fame surely won’t end by the time I finish writing this or anything.

If this show is like a behind the scenes of Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, I’m 100% in. If this show has a single scene of like, Liangelo and his mom just chatting without Lavar around yelling about how he could cover Randy Moss, I’m 100% out.

No offense to LaMelo Ball but I don’t give any shits about this 15-year old. Shout out to Facebook for putting all of their eggs into the most random basket. Can’t wait for The Social Network 2 all about how Lavar Ball bankrupts Mark Zuckerberg.

“Lose the ‘face'” -Lavar Ball awful tip to Zuckerberg about changing the web address.



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