The AAF Ran Out of Money After 1 Week

The AAF nearly went the way of the USFL, XFL, UFL, and most of the AFL after only one week of play, according to The Athletic’s David Glenn. A last-minute investment from Carolina Hurricanes CEO Tom Dundon kept the league afloat; his $250 million infusion made sure no one missed any game checks heading into Week 2.

“Without a new, nine-figure investor, nobody is sure what would have happened,” one source told Glenn. “You can always tell people their checks are going to be a little late, but how many are going to show up on the weekend for games when they don’t see anything hit their bank accounts on Friday?” (SB)

The AAF sort of came out of nowhere one Saturday night as the entire timeline was hyped to see a quarterback get hit so hard that his helmet landed in the parking lot.

Spring football isn’t the worst idea ever. Instead of competing directly with the NFL, you serve as a placebo for diehard football fans who want nothing more than to turn to CBS on a Saturday night and mindlessly watch 300-pound men chokeslam the life expectancy out of each other.

Here’s the problem: you’re going to want to like, pay the players.

During opening weekend, the AAF had over 3 million viewers andddd then the players’s checks came late. One week in. Historic views and then they immediately ran out of money.

Shout out to Tom Dundon for stepping up and saving Christian Hackenberg’s career. No one tell Dundon that the ratings were through the roof opening weekend before we all realized that all of these players stink at football and no one is going to keep watching football games that end in 6-3 scores because teams can’t get first downs.

It would have been absolutely hilarious if the AAF collapsed after one week because they couldn’t afford to pay the players. The AAF would’ve been the Fyre Festival of professional sports. Don’t be shocked when it’s reported that Ja Rule becomes a part-owner after week 3 before AAF goes under.





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