The 8 Worst People on Twitter

The Worst People on Twitter

1. The Last Human on Earth.

This person has absolutely no moderation. Every single thought this person has, needs to be typed on twitter for strangers to read. Much like Will Smith in I Am Legend, they feel the need to constantly document their location and all of their thoughts. I guarantee that no one on the planet cares that you just had a mango passion smoothie at Orange Julius in the mall.

2. The Propaganda Machine.

You know those links all over your timeline, promoting terrible websites and obscure charities. Thank you propaganda machine. Celebrities are usually the culprit of shameless self-promotion but they are not the only ones. People with terrible blogs and horrible rappers with youtube videos, have no problem with filling your timeline with pointless links to nonsense.

3. The Retweet Whore.    

You go on twitter and see 6 straights tweets from people you don’t even follow. The Retweet Whore has struck. They retweet the most mundane, useless shit because they are not capable of developing their own thoughts and ideas. It’s actually a pretty sad thing.

4. The Messiah.

The Messiah is always right. He doesn’t even know the meaning of the word wrong. All of their opinions are facts and all those that disagree are beasts. The Messiah has loyal followers that agree with his every tweet and continue to stroke his sensitive ego.

5. The Hashtag Rapist.

Let’s all agree that hashtags are stupid, but we all use them anyway. Well the hashtag rapist completely abuses them. They ruin it for everyone whether it’s the length of their hashtags or the use of multiple ones for a single tweet. Say no to rape.

6. The Ghetto Superstar.

If you’ve ever taken a look at the trending topics’ top tweets, you have seen the ghetto superstar. Their twitter name is usually something like @swagOD or @toodangkute. If you still can’t find them its probably because they spell every single word wrong and they are often ‘laughing mad loud.’

7. God’s Gift to Comedy.

There is at least one person on your timeline that believes they are the world’s funniest person. Every single thought they have is so clever and everyone that follows them just needs to read it. Even the funniest tweets, still aren’t really that funny.

8. Beliebers.

I am convinced that Justin Beiber fans control the internet. If you try to Google Justin Beiber, im pretty sure your computer just instantly crashes. Half of twitter is dedicated to this young man. I just can’t wait until his voice finally changes and his career ends.

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