The 7 Greatest New York Knicks of All Time

3. Carmelo Anthony

carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony is the best shooter in the NBA when he has a hand in his face. No one can hit contested jumpers better than Carmelo. Triple team Carmelo all you want, he’s making that shot. I mean sure, most guys in the NBA would pass the ball if they’re being triple teamed, but not Carmelo. He knows he’s a deadeye shooter and who would he even be passing the ball to anyway? Saha Vujacic? No thank you.

Plus, I bet Carmelo could win any eating contest. As he is easily the fattest player on this list, I would not at all be surprised to see him win next year’s Nathans hot dog eating contest. In fact, he’d probably be the favorite. That is a key factor when constructing this list.



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