The 6 Co-Workers You Love To Hate

The 6 Co-Workers You Love To Hate




  1. The Immigrant. 


You have nothing against Spanish or Asian people at all but the language barrier is slowly pissing you off. You walk into work and say hello and they return that greeting with a blank stare. The worst part is that when they get with fellow immigrants they all talk in their language and make fun of you, you assume.






  1. The Hypochondriac. 


You finally have a day off from work and once again you get called in because of course the hypochondriac is sick again. They have a slight head ache and they need to visit a doctor. They sneeze twice and they need to leave work early. You haven’t seen the hypochondriac at work for years.




  1. The New Born Baby. 


It’s never easy being the new guy at work but its a lot easier then people make it seem. The new born baby has no real responsibilities. If they make a mistake, the blame goes to the workers around them for not properly preparing them. Also much like a new born baby, they get all the attention from everyone, making you completely irrelevant.







  1.  The Leech. 


You did a good job today at work but you didn’t do it alone. The leech is there to make sure that he gets credit as well. The leech is disgusting. They latch onto whoever is on the boss’ good side and if you ever call him out, suddenly you aren’t being a team player. The leech usually smells bad too.





  1. The Overachiever. 


It’s safe to say that no one enjoys their job. The overachiever does. They actually try and do well. They’re the first ones to show up in the morning and the last ones to leave. As a child they developed this thing called a ‘work ethic’ and they love to shove it in everyone’s faces.






  1. The Seat Cushion. 


The Seat Cushion gives you inappropriate back massages when you’re stressed. They abuse your personal space and have no idea what sexual harassment means. They flirt with every single person of the opposite sex no matter what they look like. And much like a seat cushion, their goal is to ultimately make you sit on their face.



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