The 4 Best Players Left on the NBA Trade Market


The NBA preseason continues to heat up, and it is not long before the regular season begins. Teams will have to act fast because the trade market is already beginning to narrow. The regular season will offer many thrills and exciting twists, and the preseason has already shown us a glimpse of what we can expect. One of the best ways to watch NBA and esports is by placing a bet in an online casino. You can check out csgo betting tips to get a better idea of which tips are likely to be winners. NBA betting and csgo betting are both very exciting ways to take in the action. Many of the most notable stars have already been bagged up; however, there are a few quality stars that remain. It seems inevitable that these stars and veterans will be able to find a new team during the season. In this article, we go through the best players that are still left in the trade market.

1. Kevin Love

Kevin Love is currently in the first year of a highly lucrative $120 million contract, which lasts four years. However, his Cleveland side is currently in need for fresh blood in order to rebuild. Love is now 31, and the team would, therefore, benefit from offloading these huge wages in order to fit in some longer-term solutions. There is no doubt about Love’s offense abilities; however, teams are not fully convinced that he has shaken off his injury. Adding Love would allow a team to clinch a third star.

2. Chris Paul

The next player still on the trade market is 34 year old Chris Paul. The Rockets have given Paul such a lucrative contract to an older star. He has a $160 million contract, which causes complications for any team looking to trade. Chris, at the age of 34, is still a highly competitive athlete who could do a fantastic job for any team. The high wages do remain prohibitive, and it remains to be seen which team will take the risk.

3. Andre Iguodala

The next star on our list is a year older at 35. However, Andre Iguodala is still a hugely valuable asset and thus cannot be traded away for free. He can still do a good job of helping a team that has serious championship aspirations. There has also been the talk of the Grizzlies buying out his contract; however, this now seems unlikely. A trade seems the most likely outcome.

4. Goran Dragic

The final player on our list is one that has been plagued with injuries. Dragic has found his game-time heavily limited due to injuries, and other events out of his control. His contract is coming to an end at the close of the season, which means he can be an appealing proposition. He would offer a decent trade for a mid-table team looking for a rebuild.

Closing Thoughts

All of these players have something unique to offer to teams, and they should be signed up. It remains to be seen how many will be bagged before tipoff, and how many will get picked up once the season is underway

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