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The 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2019

10. Grimes

Grimes existed in 2018 solely as a meme. She banged Elon Musk for like, 3 weeks and then had a weird run-in with Azealia Banks, as is customary for every female recording artist of the new millennium. Let’s see what music comes from that.

9. Danny Brown

Danny Brown is one of the ony artists on this list that I’m not sure at all is actually dropping an album in 2019 but fingers are crossed. No one raps like maniac does. He sounds like he’s being chased by a rapid dog while he’s rapping. He sounds like just inhaled helium and snorted coke in the same breath.¬†


8. Solange

I fell in love with Solange in 2016 when she dropped A Seat At The Table and I’ve waited 3 years just refreshing my Spotify waiting for new music to drop.

7. Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper released a bunch of random singles this year which is cool or whatever but I don’t want his throwaway verses that weren’t good enough to make it onto an album. I don’t want the music he released because he found an old hard drive or whatever. We need that new shit.

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6. Schoolboy Q

Blank Face was quietly the album of the year in 2016 and then we haven’t really heard from Schoolboy Q since. TDE is pretty careful giving individual artists their chance to shine. Last year was Jay Rock’s time but the world needs more Q.


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