greatest moments in game of thrones

The 25 Greatest Moments in Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones is approaching. The end of the monoculture and our society’s shared viewing experience of one tv show.

We will all be glued to our televisions every Sunday night for the next two months to see how Westeros defeats the White Walkers and who sits on the Iron Throne when the dust settles.

But let us quickly reflect. Let’s look back at some of the greatest moments in a show that is built on great moment after great moment after great moment. The only reason this list is only 25 long instead of 50 is because, ya know, I’m busy as hell. Do you realize how long it’s going to take me to write all of this? Why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, this isn’t about me.

Here are the 25 greatest moments in Game of Thrones:

25. Jon’s true heritage revealed

This is my only attempt to be truly objective. This was a massive moment for the book readers and the reddit theorists who figured out that Jon Snow was a Targaryen. So I get it. Had to throw this in here for the heads.

Now onto the REAL top 24.

24. Battle of the Bastards

The battle scenes in Game of Thrones are always shot incredibly but the Battle of the Bastards truly showed the absurdity of these massive battles with bodies just stacking up on top of bodies and chaos everywhere.

But the Battle of the Bastards was the first moment of the series where Sansa Stark actually made a powerful impact as she went behind Jon’s back to bring the Vale to come save his bitch ass.

23. The Things I Do For Love

The catalyst for every event in this show. Jaime and Cersei get caught exploring the incest tag on Pornhub and next thing you know, Bran Stark becomes a weirdo with no legs who can see into the past, present and future. Just like the Lannister’s planned.

22. Brienne vs. The Hound

Brienne is a tragic character who spends her entire storyline attempting to find a meaningful cause and leader to swear her sword to. Whether it’s Remy Baratheon or Catlyn Stark, homegirl is thirsty for that pat on the back and stamp of approval and that is the most clear when she’s fighting The Hound to the death to ‘rescue’ Arya who doesn’t need any help and has no idea what the fuck Brienne is even doing.

21. Golden Crown

Season 1 was so good at tricking us into thinking which characters were going to be important in this series and then all of a sudden Viserys gets burned alive by Khal Drogo and you don’t know what’s going on. All you know is that Viserys is a piece of shit and now he’s dead. Pop bottles.

20. Jaime vs. Edmure

This might be one of the most underrated moments in Game of Thrones history but that’s coming from a Jaime Lannister stan so perhaps I’m being a tad biased. Probably not. Doesn’t seem like something I’d do.

What makes this moment special is that it’s the perfect display of Jaime’s character. He saved King’s Landing from the Mad King and got no credit. It turned him into the Kingslayer villain that everyone knows him as. In this scene not only did he go full Kingslayer but he explains all of his motivations. Cersei.

19. Theon gets castrated

The entire Theon torture storyline was a complete mind fuck. That part when you first meet Ramsey and you think he’s helping Theon escape only to find out that he’s actually the one who captured him was WILD. You know what was even wilder? The super unnecessary dick snipping. Please don’t ever cut my dick off. I mean that. Please.

18. Arya beats the Waif

There are two elements to Arya vs. The Waif that make this moment a requirement for the Top 20:

  1. Any time a villain in this show gets murked, it’s required viewing. The Waif was such an asshole. I’m not the King of Morality but I’m firmly against beating up blind girls.

17. Jon Snow Death/ Resurrection

I’m going to cheat and combine Jon Snow’s Death and Resurrection together mostly because there was no way that Jon Snow was going to stay dead for long and I remember people on Twitter THAT night saying ‘The Red Woman is going to bring him back to life next season’. This whole moment would be higher up the list but it was kind of predictable.

Jon was out of pocket towards the end there. Not saying he deserved to get stabbed up but like, read the room my guy. The Night’s Watch is CLEARLY feeling a type of way.

16. Red Woman births demon

This is easily the most insane moment of Game of Thrones and no one ever talks about it. I mean shit, no one within the show ever brings it up again. The Red Woman birthed a shadow demon and never mentioned it to anyone again at any point? That’s ALLL I’d ever be talking about.

15. Arya feeds Walder the Freys

Real quick, if you tell me you know how the whole faceless men face stealing thing works, you’re a liar. I don’t understand it one bit but it’s badass. What an insanely cruel way to kill someone. Murder their entire family. Turn them into pie. Feed them that pie. Then yea, go ahead and just kill that dude. Repeat.

Also I’m listening to Nipsey Hussle as I write this and I urge you to watch every badass Arya Stark scene with Victory Lap in the background.

14. Tyrion’s trial

I don’t have much to say about this moment because it genuinely hurts my tiny little heart to watch so I refused to rewatch it right now but fuck Tywin and fuck Shae. Let’s move on before I tear up.

13. Loot Train Attack

Season 7 was bad. I can’t stress that enough. It was rushed. It was poorly written. It was complete fan service. But among the nonsense emerged The Loot Train Attack.

What makes this moment stand out to me, besides the amazing shot of Jaime looking absolutely terrified and Bronn getting his bell rung in the middle of the chaos, this was that scene that Khal Drogo promised Daenerys in season 1. The Dothraki storming Westeros. Plus it’s the first time all of our favorite characters on the other side of the world finally witnessed the existence of dragons.

12. Viserion Breaks Bad

The New York Giants need to trade up to draft The Night King. What a cannon.

11. The Mountain vs. The Viper

Look, that is not how I thought that would go, okay. Did anyone think Oberyn was going to not only lose this fight but get his cranium liquified?? Personally, if I were to fight someone who raped and murder my sister and all of her children, I’d keep my head on a swivel but hindsight, I reckon.

10. Shame

What sneaks Shame into the Top 10 is that it’s the moment where the storytellers get to flex their muscles. It’s Breaking Bad turning us against Skyler even though Walter White is the psychopath.

The Sparrows taking over King’s Landing was a genius way to turn Cersei into a sympathetic figure. Even if it only lasted one scene. It was an impossible task and they stuck the landing.

9. Joffrey’s Death

Here’s the thing about Joffrey: he sucks. He was annoying and a pest but I didn’t particularly hate him yet. And then he went out of his way to embarrass Tyrion and if you read earlier then you know I am having NONE of the Tyrion teasing so seeing him suddenly start choking and turn purple was amazing. I felt like I willed that into existence.

8. Jon Meets the Night King

We don’t know anything about the Night King which is kind of lame. The idea of a villain that exists for the sole purpose of just killing everything with no recognizable motivations isn’t that interesting.

But I know ONE thing about the Night King.: That motherfucker HATES Jon. Every single time he makes eye contact with Jon, he seems pissed. It’s like in Infinity War when Thanos had an all-powerful gauntlet that can shoot lasers and alter reality but chose to simply punch Iron Man in the face because their relationship is so personal for no reason.

The Night King is 1000% going to punch Jon in the nose this season.

7. Dracarys

LET’S GOOOOOO. DAENERYS STORMBORN THE UNBURNT THE BREAKER OF CHAINS QUEEN OF THE ANDALS QUEEN OF MEREEN KHALEESI OF THE GREAT GRASS SEA AND THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS (also the bilingual bad bitch that will burn your society to the ground). These are the scenes where you watch Daenerys flex and you feel like Jorah just heart eyed up ready to confess your love.

6. Ned’s Beheading

The ‘oh shit Game of Thrones isn’t like any other show ever’ moment that immediately put Game of Thrones on a pedestal above every other series on television.

Your honor doesn’t matter. Good guys don’t win. While also reinforcing the universal truth: Protect ya neck.

5. Jaime and Brienne’s Bath

I’ve waxed poetic about my appreciation of Jaime Lannister who is without a doubt the best and most important character on the show. Besides Hot Pie, of course.

Jaime got his hand chopped off for Brienne. Jaime boxed a fucking BEAR for Brienne. And most importantly, he oepned up and revealed who he truly is to her. Long Live The Kingslayer.

4. Hold The Door

I used to have a real job, believe it or not. At this 9-to-5 existed a legit watercooler. The Monday after this episode premiered, a random woman from the office next door came up to me at this watercooler and said ‘can you believe what happened last night?’ and then she proceeded to repeat ‘hold the door’ over and over again. When she was done I replied ‘haha yea that’s crazy’.

My point is, this Hold the Door monemt brought people togetherr.

3. The Red Wedding

Like Ned’s beheading, the Red Wedding propelled Game of Thrones to another level. The small detail of Robb Stark not marrying one of Walder Frey’s daughters led to one of the most brutal slaughterings in the show.

The best part of the Red Wedding was Catlyn Stark slowly starting to recognize what was happening and then all of a sudden Robb’s wife gets her womb stabbed up and I audibly gasped.

2. Cersei Burns The Sept

The score alone creates so much tension. You know something massive is about to happen. You know Cersei was up to some shit. You know wildfire was going to come up again. This might have been the most beautifully shot mass murder in television history. #TeamLannister

I’m actually going to add a bonus moment to this and make this a 2 for 1. Shout out Chillis. We don’t often hear Cersei openly talk about what she really thinks and feels. She’s usually attempting to lie, deceive or conceal her motives.

Well, after burning the world to the ground, she no longer gives any fucks and straight up beats her chest explaining why she does what she does and it’s without a doubt the best character moment of the show. ‘I fuck my brother because it feels good’ is a BAR.

1. Daenerys Dragons are Born


Fro the moment you first meet Daenerys, she is the biggest victim and furthest removed from the Iron Throne. Robert Baratheon killed anyone that has the last name Targaryen so she is essentially a refugee.

We don’t see anything too extreme but if you read between the lines, you get the idea that her brother isnt’ just selling her off to the Dothraki in exchange for an army but the way he looks at her and touches her, let’s just say she doesn’t have much agency over herself or her body.

She is then raped by Khal Drogo as she stares at her dragon eggs. But then we see homegirl flip Khal Drogo and turn him into her puppet. All she had to do was eat a horse’s heart. The usual.

Then Drogo dies. Her unborn baby dies. Her brother is dead and she’s lost everything she built.

When she walks into the burning building, you think it’s a wrap for Daenerys. And the next morning comes. She’s completely unharmed by the fire and 3 little dragons crawl onto her shoulder. I think I’m crying as I type this.

Daenerys is my queen.

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