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The 2019 New York Yankees Are Breaking Historical Records (The Shitty Records)

Oh no.

The New York Yankees just lost 2 of 3 games to the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium. They have now lost every home series. They’ve actually lost every single series this season including a sweep in Houston.

The Yankees are 6-9 on the season and are 5.5 games back of the Tampa Bay fucking Devil Rays. This team has become the feeding system to build confidence for rebuilding franchises like Baltimore and Chicago, teams that have no business thinking they’re good at baseball.


Friday night, the White Sox lit up JA Happ and Chad Green before the clouds erupted to wash out all of their trash pitching. After a promising victory on Saturday afternoon that saw this team win via a suicide squeeze like a AA baseball club, the Yankees came back on Sunday with no desire to play.

Quick aside, JA Happ is 0-2 with an 8.72 ERA and I cannot stress enough how insane it was that they brought him back this season. Patrick Corbin has a 2.84 ERA and 11 K’s. Just something to think about.

CC Sabathia returned on Saturday and threw 5 scoreless innings. It’s pretty cool that the best player on this team is 38-years old with bad knees and a heart condition.

Now, they are obviously suffering from a shitload of injuries. At the same time, the White Sox ALSO don’t have Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Andujar, Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino.

The Astros series was on the road against the best time in the American League. Losing at home to Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago is disgusting. They are minor league teams beating up on the World Series favorites.

Here’s what Aaron Boone said after Sunday afternoon’s L:

“Just not playing our best yet, period,” Aaron Boone told reporters during his postgame press conference, when asked about the team’s problems at home. “Take a bigger snapshot over time, I don’t think it has to do with home.”

Still, the manager believes his team is “in a sound place as far as our focus, energy, our expectation when we walk through those doors. Obviously dealing with adversity now, which is part of a big-league season, you have to grind through that.

“Hopefully, we can get it starting to roll when we come here on Tuesday.”

Yea, Aaron. Hopefully! *smashes glass bottle with bare hands*

Yup. Cancel the 2019 Major League Baseball season.

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